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Mahjongg Toy Chest

If you love Mahjongg, but you want to try something new, then play Mahjongg Toy Chest online at PCHGames. This version reinvents the classic game of strategy and introduces gorgeous graphics and sound effects to the mix for a more immersive and addictive gameplay experience. In Mahjongg Toy Chest, your goal is to match as many animated toy tiles as you can before the clock runs out. With so many different dolls, trains, soccer balls, and other toys to wade through, it’s going to be harder than you think!

All you need to play Mahjongg Toy Chest online for free is an account at PCHGames. Once you’re registered, you can enjoy the challenging gameplay, stunning 3D graphics, and enchanting music of Mahjongg Toy Chest.


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Play 3 Point Shootout online for free at PCHgames
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3 Point Shootout

There’s something so addictive about sinking a basketball, especially when you hit “nothing but net.” When you play 3 Point Shootout online at PCHGames, it’s you against the clock so you have to sink as many balls as you can before time runs out! In 3 Point Shootout online, every regular ball you sink is worth three points so sink enough and you’ll earn big. Just be sure you don’t bang the rim when you shoot a bonus ball or you will miss out banking major points. And, if you think this game’s a breeze, think again because in 3 Point Shootout, the basket moves!

Do you consider yourself a seasoned pro on the courts? Then 3 Point Shootout online will put your hoops skills to the test. Register online at PCHGames to play for free today.

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