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Mahjongg Minute

If you’ve played Mahjongg before, but you find the game to be a little tame for your adventurous tastes, then just wait until you try the fast and furious action of Mahjongg Minute at games. This is your favorite tile-matching game, but with a twist – you’re in a race against the clock to see just how many matches you can find in a single minute. Is your memory strong enough to clear the board before the time runs out? Start flipping tiles and find out!

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Circuit Smash

If you grew up playing Breakout™ on your old Atari console, then you’re going to love Circuit Smash. The goal is to destroy all of the rows of polarized circuits, or “bricks,” using a ball and a sliding paddle. Bounce the ball into a brick to break it, but be careful; miss the ball on the bounce-back and you’re one step closer to losing the game. Adding to the challenge are positively charged bricks that repel the ball and keep you from scoring.
Do you have the skills it takes to master Circuit Smash? Register for a free account at Games today and find out. Play Circuit Smash and all of your other favorite classic arcade games for free at Games.

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