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Flight Frenzy

The PCH Prize Patrol needs your help! We have to get our checks to our winners, but the skies are filled with clouds, balloons, and other obstacles. In Flight Frenzy, you take to the skies and navigate the PCH Prize Patrol plane through a host of challenges. And, you only have a minute to make it through! This is the ultimate test of your flying skills. You’ll have to navigate through peaks, valleys, and clouds, popping as many balloons as you can along the way to rack up points.

Ready to take the helm of the Prize Patrol plane? All you have is 60 seconds to get the job done. Start playing minute games like Flight Frenzy today by signing up for a free account at games.


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If you’re looking for an exciting and challenging new game, play Eggz Solitaire and you’ll discover a whole new addiction. Eggz takes your traditional matching game and turns it on its head by adding a slew of fresh challenges. The goal is to break through the barricade by matching three-of-a-kind egg colors. When you do this, the eggs explode and you can scale the wall. Here’s a tip: you’re going to need patience, strategy, and probably a few smartly-placed bombs in order to win.

Ready to try your hand at Eggz online? Just register for a free account at PCHGames and you can play Eggz Solitaire as much as you want. As if that’s not good enough, score enough points and you might even win a prize!

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