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Color Blast

If memory serves, this game is sure to be a blast! Watch as the color patterns flash then test your memory by repeating the pattern. The longer you play, the faster the flashes! Ready? Set? Remember!


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Okay, got it!
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Play Sudoku Online at PCHgames

If you like doing the Sudoku puzzles in your local paper, then just wait until you play free Sudoku online! The online version of this highly addictive game is fast, fun, and incredibly challenging. Just like with the paper version, the online version of Sudoku requires you to fill the grid so numbers 1 through 9 are across each row, down each column, and within each 3 x 3 square without any duplicates. Unlike your favorite paper version, however, the online version allows you to choose your difficulty level.

What could be better than playing Sudoku online completely free? Winning cash prizes for your mastery of the game, of course! At PCHGames, all you need to play, compete, and win is a free account, so register today and start playing!

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