Decorating Tips for Smaller Living Rooms |

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Decorating Tips for Smaller Living Rooms

January 9th, 2012 Bed and Bath

If you have a living room that's on the smaller side, you may have trouble finding ways to make the most out of the space when it comes to decorating. While many living rooms are meant to house big furniture like TVs and couches, you don't need to have a large area to make it work. Here are some tips for decorating a small living room, according to HGTV and

1. Use long curtains on the windows to create a sense of height.

2. Create a theme and stick to it so your space doesn't become too cluttered and it will still reflect your personality.

3. Use glass or lucite furniture, like table tops or chairs, to create a sense of openness while still providing plenty of function.

4. Use several light sources to make your living room warm and welcoming, while giving a sense of depth.

5. Use smaller furniture as opposed to large pieces, but avoid using too many - which can crowd the space. If you want to have a large statement piece, make sure it's the focus.

6. Incorporate a couple of taller pieces to attract attention upward, like a cabinet or a grandfather clock.

7. Add curved or circular elements, which can create interest in a boxy living room.

8. Hang mirrors to open up the space, positioning them so they reflect and enhance light sources or light-colored walls.

9. Decorate the floor with a light-colored rug. This will make the space appear larger.

10. Even smaller rooms have plenty of wall space, so take advantage of it by using plenty of artwork, paint and other accents.

As long as you keep your living room free of clutter and incorporate a few of these ideas, you and your guests won't even notice the size of the space - you'll be focusing on the fabulous decorations!