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Five Ways to Use Household Items as Decorations

August 1st, 2013 Bed and Bath

If you feel that your house could use a few new decorations with a handmade touch, the following do-it-yourself projects are a great place to start. 

1. Light bulbs
Turn a burnt-out light bulb into a hanging vase in just a few simple steps! First, always wear safety goggles when working with glass. To get started, take an incandescent light bulb and, with pliers, carefully remove the silver patch at the bottom of the bulb. Once the patch is taken care of, remove the black part of the bulb to which the silver circle was attached. This step will be trickier, so exercise caution. After that, remove the wiring inside the light bulb and file down any sharp edges. Wrap wire (colored or otherwise) securely around the base of the bulb and secure the end of the wire to a hook or outside on a tree branch. Fill your new vase halfway with water and add the cut flowers of your choosing.

2. Wine corks
Start saving your wine corks now! You can turn them into a quirky corkboard for your kitchen or bedroom. You'll need about 100 corks in order to make a 16-by-16-inch board, but you can make whatever size you'd like. Now, choose your pattern. You can use crosshatch, lines or a zigzag design. Feel free to experiment with making your own pattern. Use a frame of your choosing and carefully remove the glass, replacing the cardboard. Then lay out your corks in the way that you decided on earlier and start gluing them to the frame with a hot glue gun. Use a lot of glue to avoid having to reattach any, but not so much that it will show between corks. Let it set, hang it and start pinning notes in style!

3. Jars
There are multiple things you can do with old glass food jars. Remove the labels and clean them thoroughly before starting any of the projects. You can fill the jar with beads, beans or sand in order to create your own brush holder, either for makeup brushes or artist's brushes. You can turn your smaller jars into candles, or into decorative pen holders. To make a pen holder, cut out a shape you find appealing from construction paper. Hold or tape the stencil onto a smooth side of the jar and paint the glass the color of your choosing. Let it dry and remove the motif. 

4. Silverware 
Your old silverware can be turned into attractive wall hooks. Wear a thick pair of gloves (safety first!) and drill a hole through the handle of the spoon or fork you've selected. Still wearing the gloves, use a hair dryer to heat the metal and slowly bend the utensil to an angle you find appropriate. Next, use either a screw or nail to secure your new hook to a door or wall. For a different effect, scratch the silverware up with sandpaper after bending and paint it a color to complement the decor. 

5. Glitter
By mixing Mod Podge and glitter, you can update any household item. Apply the glue to the object you selected and roll it in a tray of glitter. Try to contain the sparkles, because they're hard to get rid of! Use electrical tape to make stripes or other designs, or to ensure that it doesn't get on a part of the item that you don't want glue on. Decorate your keys to help you distinguish them or use the technique on glassware to give the pieces a more modern feel. 

Other nifty crafts can be found online and do-it-yourself kits are available at most craft stores.