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Functional Closet Makeover Ideas

September 16th, 2011 Bed and Bath

If you have one of those closets that require you to brace yourself for impact upon opening it, it may be time for a closet makeover. Here are a few simple ways to achieve a sleek, organized storage space!

1. Get functional hangers for all of your clothes. That means hangers with clips for pants, hangers with indents for straps, satin hangers for delicate pieces and durable hangers for jackets.

2. Canvas shelves that hang next to your clothes are an affordable way to stack folded clothing.

3. Slim, compact sets of plastic drawers are a great place to store shoes and accessories.

4. Hang up your handbags on hooks so they don't lose their shape on shelves.

5. Consider using a platform on the bottom of your closet that's slanted toward you so you can see your shoe collection.

6. Put away your out-of-season clothes in boxes to store in the basement or attic.

7. Hang up a mirror in your walk-in closet to transform it into a dressing room.

8. Use shelf dividers to separate stacks and prevent them from leaning.

9. Arrange your clothes by category to make it easier to pick out an outfit.

10. Color code your closet to increase its aesthetic appeal and help you locate garments.

11. Use racks or hooks on the back of the door to optimize space.

12. Eliminate clutter by going through your closet every season and getting rid of unused items.

13. Organize your cleaning supplies closet keeping in mind what you use most often and put those items within reach.

14. Keep your kids' toys accessible by putting them in storage containers at the bottom of the closet.

15. Store things like umbrellas in bins in the corner of the closet.