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How to Decorate With Feng Shui

September 16th, 2011 Bed and Bath

In feng shui, your living spaces directly reflect the way you think and feel about yourself. Decorating your home with feng shui concepts doesn't necessarily mean you'll be incorporating elements like bamboo and rocks into your decor. Rather, you'll be ensuring that the energy flow around your home can move freely at a balanced pace. This could simply mean decorating with mirrors, colors, plants and scents in a carefully thought-out manner.

The basic principles you need to know when decorating with feng shui include avoiding the creation of cramped rooms and rooms with sharp corners. You don't want to use too much overhead lighting or too many knick-knacks. Use the following guidelines for each area of your home.

Your front door is a symbol to the world about who you are. All good opportunities come to you through this door, so it's important to keep it accessible to let in energy. Your entryway includes the foyer and the landing, which should both be welcoming and calm to make guests comfortable. Avoid pointy objects and use plenty of rounded elements in your decoration. Make sure your door can open all the way and there is an ample amount of space. If your room doesn't have this, try using mirrors to open it up and allow energy to flow through. If you usually use a side or back entrance, give this room attention as well and minimize clutter.

Sleeping and romantic intimacy often serve large roles in the bedroom. As a result, decorations should play up both roles accordingly. If you want to play up the romantic aspect, decorate in pairs, as this will promote partnership. Choose a color that you and your partner are both comfortable with and include this hue in other aspects of your decoration, not just the walls. Keep the space underneath the bed clear, as it's important for energy to be able to flow all around the bed. Incorporate round items to promote harmony and avoid distracting clutter.

A bathroom with good feng shui is in working condition, as well as clean and healthy. If you have leaky faucets or a clogged drain, fix them, as this could lead to health problems in your home. Keep the bathroom door closed to the rest of the house and leave the toilet lid down. Cover the sinks and drains when they're not in use with a nice rock or crystal. Fresh flowers and plants in the bathroom will promote uplifting energy. Use earth elements to balance the water energy.

Your garden should be a welcoming place to relax outside. Since energy flows throughout the garden, it's important to keep your plants healthy so the energy stays uplifting. The colors of your flowers have an impact on energy, with warm shades raising the energy and cool hues soothing it. Feel free to accessorize your garden with fountains, bird baths and wind chimes to promote life and energy. Use curves and nooks when decorating to give plenty of room to relax and wander in meditation.

Remember to keep all of your furniture away from entrances, as this can block energy flow. Don't put too many items within the same space to minimize clutter and avoid furniture that is too low, as you want the energy to be able to flow around it. Face your furniture toward the entrance of the room so people in the room can see who is entering. If you decorate your home using these principles, your family will feel comfortable in your home and guests will find it relaxing.