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How to Decorate With Throw Pillows

December 15th, 2011 Bed and Bath

Not only are pillows a comfortable spot to rest your head, but they can add interesting flair to any room in your house. There are tons of varieties of cushions out there to choose from, so it's all up to you to mix and match to create a specific vibe. Throw pillows make a big impact and can change up a room's style inexpensively, so get your hands on some and start decorating!

The contemporary room If you're not quite ready to remodel, but want to modernize your living room, strategic cushioning will do the job. Pick colors that will coordinate with the design you think you want in the future. A few large pillows generally work better than small ones and create less clutter. Modern decorations should include a limited color palette and geometric designs, notes Real Simple magazine. Colorblocking is trendy right now, so use it to your advantage when updating your room.

The conventional room Get an even number of pillows, which will look more symmetrical and orderly. Choose shapes that complement the rest of your room's decorations, and don't be afraid to mix them up. Combining patterns and textures is a fun yet subtle way to spice things up, just stick to colors that you pull from somewhere else in the room. You can pair a large floral print with a striped print as long as the hues work together.

The natural room Floral patterns are always a good choice, but you can find other styles that remind you of the outdoors too, like branches or leaves. Choose earthy colors in rougher fabrics for a natural vibe. Just keep the collection from getting too random by tying everything together with either color, shape or texture. Use an uneven number of pillows for the most relaxed look.