How To Decorate Your Bathroom at the Thrift Store |

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How To Decorate Your Bathroom at the Thrift Store

March 26th, 2012 Bed and Bath

Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean your bathroom can't look absolutely gorgeous. In fact, with the right eye for décor, you can practically decorate the space entirely using items found at the a thrift store. It just takes a little bit of careful searching and some DIY know-how. With the right tools, you'll have the bathroom of your dreams in no time. Here are some tips to help turn the space into a beautiful one, courtesy of HGTV.

One innovative way of adding more storage to your bathroom without having to pay for a shelving unit is by picking up a small dresser and a few old pieces of art or photographs. Remove the drawers and place a photograph along the back, securing them in place with photo corners. Next, mount the entire thing to the wall. Voila! You've instantly got a gorgeous free-hanging shelf that's perfect for toiletries or jewelry. You can even loop small pieces of wire from end to end so that you can hang earrings on them.

You can even use old cookie tins as a way of decorating the bathroom! Why stuff a drawer or use a simple jar when cookie tins have such delightful decorations on them? Try storing extra rolls of toilet paper or miscellaneous items like cotton balls inside.

According to Martha Stewart, any piece of furniture you find that you'd love in the bathroom can be quickly spruced up with a coat of paint. It's a great way to give old pieces a nice new shine, and sometimes that's all they need to return to their former glory.