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How To Make Beautiful Rustic Towel Bars From Reclaimed Wood

April 10th, 2012 Bed and Bath

Looking for a DIY project to spruce up your bathroom? There are plenty of great projects that can help you get the perfect look you've always been looking for. How about upgrading your towel bar? With a couple of hours, a few simple household tools and a plank of wood or two, you can have a nice, rustic set. Best of all, you can find reclaimed wood for free, so the project won't cost you a thing. Here's how to do it, according to HGTV.

First, ensure you have the proper tools, all of which you can find at any hardware store:

1 towel bar
1 robe hook
Six 1/2-inch screws
Two 2-inch screws

Next, go out and find yourself planks of wood. Try asking for broken pallets at your local hardware store or warehouse. Otherwise, a 4x4 will do in a pinch. If you manage to get your hands on a pallet, pry the boards off of the frame using the back of your hammer and remove any fasteners that happen to be attached.

Now, you'll attach the towel bar and robe hook using the 1/2-inch screws. Finally, use the two-inch screws to hang the entire towel bar to the wall, ensuring you screw into a stud on the wall.

Can't find a stud? According to Home Depot, you can use hollow wall anchors to achieve the same result. Find out if you have studs available before heading to the hardware store to save yourself the extra trip.

If you'd like to take the project one step further, sand down the wood before getting to work. It will take away a bit of the rustic charm, but you won't have to deal with potential splinters.