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How To Organize Your Mail

March 19th, 2012 Bed and Bath

Unfortunately, it's easy to lose track of due dates and records if you don't have an organized mail system. Rather than just throwing the pile on the table and sorting through it when you get a chance, consider developing an easy system to help you organize and sort through your mail faster. That way, you won't be accumulating piles of it in unsightly places or risk losing important documents. Here are a few ideas, inspired by Real Simple magazine.

1. Turn a basket, box or drawer into your real-life inbox. Keep it somewhere where it's easily accessible, but won't be in the way.
2. Keep a small trash or recycling bin near your inbox to immediately dispose of things like flyers, junk mail and coupons you don't need. Don't forget to empty it every week!
3. Use a paper shredder to dispose of documents with your personal information on them, like your bank statements.
4. Create a filing system for your bills. Make one folder for paid bills and one for unpaid bills. Be sure to sort your unpaid bills by deadline so you'll take care of the more urgent ones first. You may want to keep a calendar in the area to mark important dates.
5. Keep a container of things like pens, stamps, your checkbook and envelopes near the bill file so you have them handy when it's time to pay them.
6. Consider paying your bills online and receiving email or mobile statements to cut down on the amount of mail you get from the bank. This is also good for the environment!
7. If you receive magazines, store them in their own basket. Make sure it's big enough to hold each month's delivery, but small enough so that you won't build up a huge collection. Recycle the old ones instead.