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How to Remodel Your Master Bathroom

January 3rd, 2012 Bed and Bath

If you're a fan of the spa, but can't go as often as you'd like, why not add a little luxury to your master bathroom so you can get the same kind of relaxation at home? If you want to customize your master bath and turn it into a retreat, there are some easy ways to do it, according to DIY Network.

As you brainstorm ideas before beginning your bathroom redesign project, consider looking through decorating websites and magazines for inspiration or go to a bath or plumbing showroom to get some ideas. Make up a list of everything you want to incorporate.

To create a layout that will work with your space and accommodate all of your needs, many factors should be taken into consideration. For example, you have to decide what model of bath or shower you want. While large bathtubs used to be in demand, people are now focusing on bigger and better showers. Rather than waste money and space on a bathtub you're unlikely to use very often, invest in creating a better shower experience by installing elements like tiles, glass doors, hand-held showerheads or overhead showerheads.

Before you add another sink, consider whether or not you really need it. You may find that what you really need is more counter and mirror space, not a whole new set of plumbing - which can drive up the overall cost of the remodel.

Look for a universal design that you can grow with if you're planning to stay in your house over the years. If you install elements like wider doorways and grab bars, you won't have to worry about putting them in later on when you may require them, and they'll integrate seamlessly into the space.

As finishing touches, look to decorate with luxurious fabrics and elements that will help you relax. Consider a chandelier as your overhead light fixture or perhaps even a fireplace or attached dressing room. The possibilities are endless.