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How to Repair Your Leather Furniture

September 16th, 2011 Bed and Bath

Minor tears and scratches are sometimes unavoidable if you have kids or pets that are frequently around your leather furniture. As long as you try to fix the problem right away, you may be able to make the upholstery look like new.

Scratches on the surface of your leather furniture can be easy to fix if they're not too deep. First, clean the area with a product designed for the material so the color doesn't fade. Next, push the raised edges of the mark down with a pin or a needle until you can barely notice them. Then use a dye or shoe polish that matches the color of the leather to gently rub the damaged section. Apply a thin coat and dry it with a hair dryer on low heat. Keep adding layers and drying them until the scratch is gone. Put a leather protector over the area and let it settle overnight.

Tears can be tough to fix since they go beyond the surface of your leather. You may have to patch it with another piece of material that matches the furniture. Cut out a section large enough to cover the opening, glue it on and place a heavy object on top of it so it's pressed down overnight.

Try to prevent stains, as they can be difficult to get out of your leather furniture. Don't soak or rub the blemish because you could make it look worse. Instead, blot some distilled water on the area using a clean cloth and blot until it looks dry. Test this method on an inconspicuous area of your purchase first to make sure the leather is colorfast.