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How To Transform a Shirt Into a Cute Pillow

May 29th, 2012 Bed and Bath

Sometimes, even the best laundry stain fighters can't remove those greasy spots. If you have a button-down shirt with a stain on the collar or sleeve, don't throw it out! Instead, recommends transforming it into a chic throw pillow to spruce up your interior design. Here's how to go about transforming that shirt into a stuffed pillow.

To make the pillow, you'll need the shirt, measuring tape, paper for making a pattern, scissors and cotton stuffing. You might also want to grab a few decorative buttons to give your pillow added flair.

To begin, lay the shirt on a flat table and measure the width. Cut out a piece of paper that's ¼-inch larger than the shirt's width on all sides. If you want to make a decorative fringe, leave a bit more space depending on what effect you're going for. Use the scissors to cut down the center of the pattern, leaving ½-inch uncut at the top and bottom.

Place the pattern over the shirt so that the line of buttons pokes through the slit you made. Following the pattern, cut out the front and back pieces of the shirt. Pin the two layers together so that the "good sides" are facing inward, then sew, leaving a ¼-inch seam allowance. You don't need to worry about leaving an opening for the stuffing, as you'll have the buttons.

Turn the pillow inside out, then use the stuffing to fill the interior. If you're using more elaborate buttons, sew these on before you do this. Ta-da! Now you have a cute pillow that was practically cost-free!