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Simple Window Treatments for Your Bedroom

March 1st, 2012 Bed and Bath

Window treatments are a great way to establish your bedroom's style - you can do a surprising amount with the space without committing to heavy, expensive furniture or something semi-permanent like a paint job. If you're trying to figure out what your bedroom's aesthetic will be like, try starting with the windows. It'll help set the rest of the room's tone and may inspire other décor changes. Here are a few ideas on how to go about doing so, courtesy of HGTV.

Try changing up where you put drapery. Although it's typically found over windows, if you have a beautiful view that you want to obscure as little as possible, consider a simple curtain that pulls away to the side. The drapes still have a place in the bedroom, you just have to get a little creative about it. Try placing them in the entrance - it helps frame the rest of the space and is a unique touch that you might quickly fall in love with.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, any window decoration you use should match the room's look as much as possible. This can be a bit difficult when you're working with specific patterns, but you may be able to find something that resembles the main look close enough. Doing so is a great way to give the room a cohesive decoration scheme and helps the overall décor stand out. Of course, if you're unable to do so, you can simply find black or white drapery that fills the same role well enough.

Don't let your windows fall by the wayside! With a few simple touches, they can make your room much more pleasing to the eye.