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Top 20 Bathroom Decorating Ideas

September 23rd, 2011 Bed and Bath

Many people forget about their bathrooms when decorating, which can result in boring spaces that aren't much to look at. If you want a bathroom that you can feel good about and enjoy just like every other room in your house, consider a few of these ideas inspired by Southern Living.

1. Most bathrooms aren't very big, which means designs should be focused on opening up the space. Consider adding glass walls or French doors to your master bathroom or use large mirrors to create depth.

2. Try to let in as much light as possible. This will not only help you put on makeup, but will make the space more inviting and relaxing.

3. Bring in natural elements like shells, rocks and plants to keep your bathroom from looking too manufactured and generic with all that plumbing.

4. If you don't already have tiled walls, you may want to consider adding them. When placed all around the room, they can unify the style and create interesting patterns and designs. You could even incorporate a few decorative ones to stand out in place of pictures.

5. If you don't have the money for tile, you could always use beaded-board walls, which could make your bathroom look bigger by creating vertical lines for the eye to follow upward.

6. Create a color scheme that complements your bedroom by painting the bathroom walls the same color, just a shade lighter.

7. Make sure you incorporate plenty of storage space, as loose toiletries can easily make the space look cluttered. Consider adding a few baskets or a couple of extra drawers wherever they can fit.

8. If you want neutral toned walls, but want to incorporate a bit of color elsewhere, consider painting the vanity a shade that will stand out.

9. Contrasting colors work well with any design scheme. You can paint the walls a light hue and use dark wood accents, or switch it the other way around.

10. Consider using etched glass windows, which will let in light while still allowing for privacy.

11. Cubbyhole shelves add visual interest and are practical because you can store lots of toiletries or decorative pieces inside.

12. Incorporate a place to sit so you can rest and relax while you get ready for the day.

13. Be sure to include plenty of accessible electrical sockets where you can plug in bathroom accessories, like blow dryers.

14. Add plenty of texture to your bathroom if the colors are neutral or light. This will give the room just as much visual interest.

15. Use natural wooden elements in your design for color and tone that you don't have to paint.

16. Start with a piece of your favorite artwork, then design your bathroom elements around it, using the same types of colors, patterns or textures.

17. Use unique architecture if you're considering a complete remodel. An arch over the top of the door or shower makes your space interesting without making you fully commit to a style.

18. Mix up your tile pattern. Use diagonal lines for the floor, horizontal designs for the tub area and diamond-shaped patterns on the walls. Just be sure they're all the same color (or at least similar) to avoid getting too busy.

19. Get creative with your shower fixtures. Opt for handheld varieties, dual showerheads or even steam heads.

20. Decorate with trim and molding if you have large expanses of walls. This will break up the space more so it's not as overwhelming.