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Brain Teaser Books - Crossword Puzzle Books

October 20th, 2011 Books/Audio/Video

Crossword Puzzles

Do you find that you eagerly await the arrival of the newspaper because you have such a great time figuring out crossword puzzles? If you get a kick out of completing crosswords then it may be time to move beyond the newspaper and purchase some fun crossword puzzle books.

There are plenty of books available that feature a wide variety of crossword puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty. These books are great to stow away in your bag, car, or desk for those moments during the day when you find yourself with a few extra minutes. If you truly enjoy working on crosswords then always having one handy can help keep your stress levels down throughout the day.

You can find high quality crossword books featuring easy puzzles, difficult puzzles, and even large print books that are easier on the eyes. You may want to invest in a crossword puzzle dictionary as well so that there is never a time when you are stuck without the last answer you need to complete a puzzle. The next time you feel like plopping down in front of the television to relax, try opening a crossword puzzle book instead and see if it is more enjoyable and relaxing than zoning out while watching TV. You may find that you enjoy working puzzles much more, and you will additionally get a nice sense of accomplishment upon completing a puzzle.

Exercise Your Brain

Brain teaser books aren't only designed to be entertaining, although they can certainly be a lot of fun. Many people indulge in brain teasers as a way to keep their brains functioning at optimum levels. You may have heard the theory that the brain needs exercise to stay sharp, but obviously the exercise does not involve your brain trying to lift weights or go for a jog. Instead, the idea is to constantly challenge your brain to keep your cognitive functioning going.

Whether or not you believe this theory, you can still have a lot of fun with adult brain teasers. If you have never tried brain teasers, look for books with simple puzzles. As you get better at brain teasers you can move on to more advanced books. You may wind up enjoying brain teasers so much that you find yourself on a perpetual quest for more difficult puzzles to challenge your mind. Luckily, there is no shortage of these types of books, so you can have a constant supply of challenging puzzles to enjoy.

Mad Libs

Do you remember playing Mad Libs as a kid? This was the game where paragraphs are missing several words and the players fill in the blanks, producing big laughs when the page is read in its entirety. If you enjoyed this game as a kid then why not introduce it to the kids who are in your life now?

Children of all ages will enjoy this game. Mad Libs helps kids to practice the difference between nouns, adjectives, and other classifications, but the great thing is that most kids won't even realize they are learning because they have so much fun with the game. You can buy special edition Mad Libs for certain occasions: Halloween Mad Libs, Summer Mad Libs, and even Mad Libs based on recent movie releases. Mad Libs aren't only for kids either, because even adults can have a great time with these fun word games. Try pulling out some Mad Libs the next time you have some friends over, and you're sure to have a great time.

Math Puzzles

Many people have a distinct aversion to math and numbers, but there are plenty of people who truly enjoy manipulating numbers and dealing with equations and formulas. You can buy puzzle books comprised of numbers instead of words, and these books come in many different degrees of difficulty. You can also find plenty of different math puzzle books that are designed specifically for kids, so if you would like to introduce the children in your life to the joys of solving math puzzles then this can be a great way to do it.

Imagine enjoying your own book of math puzzles alongside your children or grandchildren while they work on their own math puzzles. You don't need that as an excuse to enjoy math puzzles, though, because there are enough math puzzle books designed for adults and children, alike.

Play Sudoku

You may have noticed the barrage of Sudoku books sprinkled throughout bookstores and grocery store checkout aisles, but if you have not yet had a chance to try the game you probably don't realize how fun and addicting it can be. If the idea of playing a game filled with numbers seems daunting to you then you may want to start with easy Sudoku puzzles and eventually work your way up to more challenging Sudoku puzzles.

Look for books designed for beginners and come complete with an introductory tutorial explaining how the game is played. Some Sudoku puzzle books include a brief introduction on how to play the game, which is followed by a series of simple games that get harder the further into the book you get. There are even some advanced Sudoku books that were created specifically for the purpose of boosting the player's brain power.

Whether or not playing Sudoku actually increases a person's brain functionality remains to be seen, but with how much fun this game can be there is no reason why you shouldn't give it a try and see if you find yourself hooked like so many other players.

Puzzle Books Galore

There are so many different and entertaining puzzle books available -- your biggest problem will be choosing the type of book you want to buy. There are funny brain teasers designed to amuse you while also challenging your brain. You can also find word search puzzle books specific to whatever topic you find riveting, whether it's sports, television, movies, or whatever other subjects you enjoy. If you enjoy Sudoku, there are plenty of different Sudoku books available starting at the beginner level all the way up to very challenging versions of the game. You can also find activity books with several different kinds of puzzles so that you can enjoy a variety of games within one book. No matter what type of entertaining games you enjoy, you can rest assured that there are plenty of fun books available.