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Children's Books - Kids' Books - Children's Audio Books

July 14th, 2011 Books/Audio/Video

Audio Books for Kids

Audio books can be a great way to let a book or story come alive with exciting narration and sound effects. You may already have a fondness for audio books if you spend a lot of time in your car or on a commute, but did you know that many children's books come in audio versions, too? This means that when you are toting your child or grandchild along for errands you can pop one of the many available audio books for children and let them enter into an imaginary world while in the car.

Some children's books on tape are accompanied by a printed version of the text complete with illustrations, allowing some children at a certain reading level the ability to follow along while listening to the recording. You'll find all the classic children's literature books available in an audio format; the child in your life may not sit still for Peter Rabbit when you try to read it aloud, but an audio recording complete with catchy music may be just the thing to catch children's attention. Intriguing audio books can lead to a lifelong love of reading.

Buying Inexpensive Children's Books

You may already know the best places to find quality children's books, but if you don't spend a lot of time shopping for kids' items then you may be at a loss when the time comes to purchase books for children. Cheap children's books can be found in several places – bargain bins, auction websites, and garage sales among other locations – but unfortunately there are times when you really do get what you paid for.

Children's books in the bargain bins of books stores are often there because the books didn't sell very well, and buying books secondhand can result in a book full of scribbles and rips. You may be able to find some really great secondhand children's books if your local library has a book sale, and may even be able to stumble upon some rare children's books no longer in print. Since library patrons are generally good about taking care of the books they borrow, you can probably find some wonderful deals in this situation.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to focus less on cost and more on the quality of the book. If you can find a fantastic book at a discounted price then you've made a great purchase! But don't be tempted to load up on all the children's books that land in the bargain bins at your local bookstore because you may not be supplying the children in your life with the highest quality books available.

Children's Book Council

The Children's Book Council is a group of publishers and other professionals involved in the production of children's books. This is a nonprofit organization with hundreds of award winning children's books in its catalog. The CBC also advocates literacy for children and is largely responsible for the annual National Children's Book Week celebrated within the United States.

The CBC can be a great resource for anyone looking to purchase books for children, but prospective children's book authors will find the information provided by the CBC to be invaluable. If you find yourself thinking, "I could really write a better tale," when reading books to your children or grandchildren, then the CBC can give you all the information you need to get started. On the other hand, if you are merely interested in finding out which books have won the most awards and what the best books for children are, then this information can also be found through CBC.
If you are interested in getting involved in literacy programs for young children then you can also use this organization to find out more information, or you can check with your local library to see how you can be of assistance.

Children's Book Genres

The variety of children's books are endless. From educational to inspirational, to entertaining and engaging, there is a book out there for every kid!

Educational children's books are some of the most popular books offered to children. This is mainly because parents and grandparents like the idea of kids learning from books beyond the act of reading comprehension. For example, you can find children's books in Spanish that aren't even designed with Spanish-speaking children in mind, but instead are intended for children whose parents want them to pick up a foreign language.

It is also easy to find children's books that are specific to a certain religion, such as Christian children's books. These books don't necessarily contain stories directly from the Bible, but rather contain stories that are conducive to the morals Christian parents and grandparents attempt to teach children. You can find classic tales, new stories, mysteries, fiction, biographies, and any other number of subjects in books designed for young children.

So how do you decide which types of books are best for the children in your life? All you need to do is to pay attention to how they react to certain books. Just like adults, children develop their own preferences regarding what intrigues them. If you take a child shopping for books you will soon discover their favorite books. Find books that interest the child and are also acceptable to you as a caregiver, and you'll help the child to become an avid reader.

Finding the Best Children's Books

With so many available titles, the task of finding the best books for children can become a little overwhelming. You don't want the books that your children or grandchildren read to be boring or have contrary morals to what you teach, just like you wouldn't want to read a book with these qualities.

Luckily, children's books get reviewed just like any other book published,. In fact, children's books may receive more scrutiny in their reviews because parents and grandparents are so concerned about the information kid's receive. Typical children's book reviews will give a brief synopsis of the story along with a critique of the book's readability. Most reviewers will estimate the most appropriate age for the book, and in most cases any illustrations accompanying the book will be included in the review as well.

There are people who make a living reviewing children's books, but there are also plenty of concerned parents and grandparents who post reviews on their websites free of charge. The best way to make sure that the books you buy for children are entertaining and appropriate is to read the book yourself before handing it over.

Pick Children's Books Easily

Want the children in your life to have a steady stream of quality books delivered right to their door? Consider enrolling them into a children's book of the month club.

There are plenty of children's book clubs available. Some of them are specific to certain children's book characters, others are specific to particular authors, while other book clubs send books that are specific to certain ages. Most of the "book of the month" clubs designed for children involve a minimum purchase obligation, but many of the introductory offers are so appealing that the minimum purchase is worth it.

For example, some clubs will send a box full of books, stickers, and other fun supplies like a backpack or bookends for only a few dollars plus the shipping and handling charges. In the subsequent months, you will receive periodic catalogs and offers for more books, and usually it is set up to where you will receive books automatically unless you decline your monthly selection. You can't stop your membership until you buy all the books you initially agreed to buy, but usually you only need to purchase one or two books before you can stop your membership.

Enrolling your children or grandchildren in a book of the month club is a fantastic way to make sure they have a constant supply of books to stimulate their intellectual growth, and it's also a great way to make sure the children in your life grow up with a real love of reading.