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How To Begin Learning Piano

September 17th, 2013 Books/Audio/Video

From people with dreams of stardom in the music business to those who'd just like to be able to play traditional carols to entertain family members during the holiday season, some fundamental knowledge of how to play the piano can be exceptionally handy.

Some people pay for piano lessons from a professional instructor, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. But if you'd prefer to be completely self-taught or simply would like to come to your first lesson with a little know-how, a simple way to start is learning the C major scale. While accomplished piano players can perform incredibly complex arrangements of notes and chords, total musical novices are generally able to figure out C major.

First, new players should note that the black keys of the piano - the sharps and flats - appear in sets of two or three in the arrangement. Once the white key to the left of the first black key in a pair is pressed, the note of C will resonate from the instrument. If the player taps all the white keys in sequence from left to right, up until the next C note, and back down again, he or she will have played the C major scale.

To play the C chord, beginners can simultaneously hold down the C key where the scale began with their thumb, the E key, which should be under the middle finger, and the G key under the pinky.