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Inspirational Movies - Christian Films

October 20th, 2011 Books/Audio/Video

Christian Films

Christian films come in many different varieties. Films produced by Christian filmmakers are designed to be conducive to the Christian lifestyle. These movies are appropriate for Christian viewers because they do not contain questionable elements; viewers know that they can safely watch these Christian movies without worrying about running into scenes that will offend their morals.

Movies like this come in all the same genres that mainstream films come in: comedy, drama, romance, and of course they also come as Biblical stories and inspirational Christian movies. Not every Christian movie is based on stories from the Bible, however, and many of them can be likened to mainstream films without any obscenities, nudity, or excessive violence. There is no need to worry that drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous sex will be glamorized in Christian movies. Check out to see some of the latest releases for both kids and adults. You may be surprised to see mainstream actors like Steve Harvey and Kirk Cameron among the ranks of stars appearing in Christian movies.

Feed Your Soul

If you are a fan of inspirational books like "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and other series, then you will be pleased to find this genre of books has accompanying inspirational videos. The films are designed to be just as inspirational as the books and include the same tales of inspiration that you enjoy from the books including living your dreams, parenting and teaching, celebrating the holidays, and other inspirational topics.

Difficult topics such as death, dying, and overcoming life's obstacles are among the subjects broached in this line of films. These DVDs make great gifts, especially for people who need a little motivation when life gets difficult. You can find other inspirational DVDs that are not specific to this line of books, but if you already like the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books then you are sure to enjoy these inspirational films. These films may be just the thing you need to stay on track with your goals and stay motivated.

Finding Bible DVDs

Bible movies can be either fictionalizations of popular biblical theories or historical accounts of the people featured in the Bible. A great way to learn more about the Bible is to watch DVDs that features entertaining and dramatic portrayals of biblical stories. You may have read about the tale of Joshua and the battle of Jericho, but until you watch it portrayed by actors in one of the many Bible story videos you may not completely understand the whole story.

These films are made for both adults and children, with the adult versions being dramatizations of stories while the kids' versions may include animated characters and comedic story lines that are loosely based on the actual stories. Popular Christian comedy videos for kids include "Veggie Tales" and "Bible Man." These films take stories and ideas from the Bible and turn them into entertaining tales that kids can understand and enjoy.

Many parents and grandparents find that they enjoy these films designed for kids too, and find them quite inspirational. Adult versions include more historically accurate portrayals and are usually more accurate and less comedic.

Inspirational Sports Movies

For some people, there is nothing quite as inspirational as an underdog sports team triumphing over endless adversities to win an important title or championship. You can find both fictional and historically accurate accounts of these tales in inspirational sports movies, which are available in abundance online through DVD retailers.

Movie makers realize that many people find sports quite motivating, so there have been quite a few sports movies to hit the theaters. Some of the most inspirational movie scenes are from movies based on some form of sports. If you aren't familiar with a particular sports film you would like to buy then conduct a search at an online DVD retailer and look for sports you like and read the reviews of each particular movie. Although not every sports film is necessarily marketed as an inspirational film, the majority of sports films are inspirational in nature because of the subject matter.

Mysteries of the Bible Explained

Bible scholars spend years trying to figure out and explain certain facets of the Bible, and reading the Bible can sometimes be confusing. It's often easier to watch a video that explains Biblical principals and historical accounts using a visual medium, instead of trying to read it directly from the Bible or listen to a pastor deliver a sermon.

To get the most in-depth explanations you may want to purchase an extensive set like the "Mysteries of the Bible" DVDs. This set includes archaeological accounts, historical recreations, and informative bonus documentaries which attempt to explain specific historical mysteries and how they pertain to the Bible.

Bible videos can help you immensely if you have a hard time understanding some of the readings, especially if you are a visual learner. If your church does not have DVDs like these available for check-out you can find both new and used copies online at DVD retailers and auction sites.

The Most Inspirational Films

The greatest inspirational movies of all times were not necessarily designed to inspire people, but instead had story lines so moving and motivating that they became known as inspirational movies. According to some film experts, movies such as "It's a Wonderful Life," "E.T. the Extraterrestrial," and "The Wizard of Oz" are all considered as among the top 100 most inspirational movies.

Most moviegoers agree that these films are immensely enjoyable in addition to being inspirational. The best inspirational movies are the ones that inspire you personally. Whatever inspires you, there is a movie out there featuring the theme you're looking for. Take a look at the movies featured online at a DVD retailer and find films with the inspirational themes that really move you.