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Kids' Videos - Classic Children's Movies - Kids' DVDs

July 14th, 2011 Books/Audio/Video

Download Movies

You don't have to head to a movie store to get new release kids movies. Instead of purchasing a DVD, you might want to consider checking out one of the many websites which offer online movies for kids.

You have plenty of options for downloading movies. and both offer the top kids movies which can be viewed on your computer as part of a membership program where you pay monthly for access to films. and other similar websites allow you to download children's movies without a monthly fee, but you pay a small amount for one-time access and an amount comparable to purchasing a DVD in a store for unlimited access to the film on your computer.

These websites are simple to use, but if you don't have a fast Internet connection speed then you may encounter problems or may not even be able to use these services. If your connection speed is quick and you have sufficient memory on your computer then downloading films isn't difficult at all.

Extra Features

If it has been a while since you purchased movies for kids then there are a few things you need to know.

New movies for kids can be expensive, especially if the kid in your life has asked for a boxed set of several films in one collection. You should also know that most kids DVDs include quite an impressive block of previews for upcoming kids movies for both theater releases and DVD release. That means that if you pop the DVD into the player and don't head straight to the menu then you may wind up watching 10 to 15 minutes of previews.

One of the best things about DVDs for kids is the additional features. You can view deleted scenes, play fun games, and watch short clips about the making of the film. Most online retailers list the special features of DVDs in the sales description, so if you know that the child you are buying the DVD for would love an interactive game with a certain character then look for that type of extra in the movie you buy. The extra features on children's DVDs can make viewing the movie even more fun.

Find the Best Videos

Not all kids' movies on DVD are created equal, so when you are buying a movie for the children in your life you need to take the time to look at the ratings and read the reviews. Movie ratings for kids are pretty cut and dry. Whether or not the movie is actually good, however, is something you can find out by reading some kids movie reviews.

The description of the DVD at an online store will most likely include both professional reviews and reviews from customers. Both versions have their merits, but if you notice that a particular film was praised by professional reviewers while the moms who write reviews warn that the movie is too scary, racy, or complicated for younger kids then you may want to take the moms' advice.

Get Moving

It's no secret that most kids like to watch television, so the trick is to get them moving while also allowing them time in front of the TV. Exercise videos for kids are a great way to encourage activity in toddlers and older children, especially those kids who have watched mom or dad exercise using exercise videos. Although kids exercise videos are best when done with an adult alongside the child, many of the videos are designed to help kids can follow along and get an effective workout.

You can buy yoga for kids, Pilates for kids, and you can even find workout DVDs for kids that involve aerobic exercise. Kids dance videos can be a lot of fun for kids while also keeping them moving, and they might even become inspired enough to ask to take ballet, tap, or some other form of a dance class.

Share the Classics

There are some movies that never go out of style. Rest assured that your favorite childhood movies are available on DVD for the next generation of kids in your life. Classic children's movies such as "Mary Poppins," "Pippi Longstocking," and the various classic Disney kids movies still translate well to today's entertainment standards. And, there is something really special about sharing a movie you once loved as a child.

When you are shopping online for classic movies you need to be sure that the film you are buying isn't a remake. You can check this by looking at the year associated with the movie. It's important to do this because many remade movies will feature cover art either similar or identical to the original release. You should also know that many classic movies are digitally remastered or enhanced, so if the grainy look of the original film is what you're looking for then you may have to find an older copy that was released before distributors started fiddling around with the quality of the movies.

Teach With DVDs

Some very funny movies for kids are also designed to teach kids a thing or two. You can buy kids videos that teach phonics, mathematics, shapes, manners, and you can even find science videos for kids that are designed to intrigue kids who would otherwise detest anything related to science. If the kids in your life spend time in front of the television, educational videos for kids can be a crafty way to educate and entertain.

But you can't just purchase any educational DVD and expect kids to love it; just like adults, kids have their own preferences when it comes to entertainment so you'll want to make sure the DVD interests them and keeps them entertained. Look for characters that they already show a preference for, or for topics which interest them. You can find a wide variety of educational DVDs designed for kids at any online retailer, and most of them are reasonably priced. Just take caution to not rely on educational DVDs too much as a substitute for reading and other forms of learning. A kid's best teacher isn't the TV; it's the adults in his or her life.