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A Brief Guide to Modern Chinese Coins

December 10th, 2012 Coins

There has been an influx of interest in modern Chinese coins since around 2004. Since then, demand has continued to increase, and it only takes one look at these pieces to see why! According to Numismaster.com, Chinese coins are elegantly designed and tend to be produced in relatively low numbers, making them valued collectors' items from day one. With such a large population and a history that dates back thousands of years, Chinese coins also bring with them a cultural relevance that's hard to beat.

Many of these coins are being driven up in price by Chinese investors who are eager to bring home a piece of their country's history. Additionally, the China Mint takes many steps to ensure that the public is involved in the collecting process. They release coins in gold, silver and platinum proofs, all in a number of different denominations, so there's something for every price range.

According to Panda Analytics, the Lunar series of coins is particularly popular. Each year the Chinese Mint releases a coin based on the celestial calendar, in varying numbers. For instance, the 1994 Year of the Dog coin was only said to have a mintage of about 300, while the 2000 Year of the Dragon could be as high as 30,000.

If you're interested in collecting modern Chinese coins, it may be best to pick a series and go from there. You can choose from pandas, Lunar years and a number of commemorative pieces on the arts. Whatever you decide, you'll be getting into a hobby that is relatively young and filled with plenty of possibilities!

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