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Beginner's Tricks for Metal Detecting

September 16th, 2011 Coins

Metal detecting is a wonderful hobby for coin collectors who want to find their own coins rather than pay someone else for theirs. As long as you have the patience, knowledge and tools, doing so can be a rewarding and fun pastime.

You may want to first look into joining a local metal detecting club or group, as those with experience can help you get started and show you some of the best methods and areas to find hidden treasures. Purchasing the most esteemed metal detector or relying on one that features the latest technology can give you an edge among your peers, but you should understand that it's more important to be knowledgeable about what you're looking for and where. Even if you have a standard metal detector, you could find invaluable treasures if you educate yourself on the local history and discover where possible hotspots may lie.

The best place to learn how to use your metal detector is at the beach, a locale that is perfect for beginners. Don't start in an area with too much activity, as you might end up overwhelmed and feel like you're missing things. Feel free to search where the ground is wet, since damp earth has more conductivity and will help you come across something that's been missed. Hunting after storms is often the best time to partake in this hobby, since the ground can thaw or shift and move objects around.

Make sure to respect others by covering up the holes you've dug, especially at the beach where people often like to run. Also, try not to leave disposable items you find just laying around after your adventure. Bring plenty of bags with you to get rid of those pesky aluminum cans and other junk that you'll come across when hunting. Remember - one man's trash is not always another man's treasure.