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Tips for Keeping Your Coin Collection Sparkling

July 31st, 2013 Coins

Collecting coins is a rewarding and potentially profitable hobby that many enjoy. However, certain methods of coin care can be destructive to your collection. Try using these tips to keep your coins in good shape and good value.

Cleaning coins
Often times using strong cleaners on coins will actually damage them, notes Gainesville Coins. If your coin has never been circulated it's a better idea to leave it alone than clean it. Many cleaners may remove the thin layer of precious metal on the outside of each coin or tarnish its image. This can sharply reduce both the aesthetic and monetary value of your coins.

If your coin has already been circulated and is just a little grimy, washing can improve its sheen and the clarity of its branding. After thoroughly washing your hands to remove any dirt and oils, place the coin in a bowl with warm water and mild detergent. Gently clean the coin, then pat it dry with a soft towel - rubbing it may damage the surface of the coin.

When viewing coins, try to make sure to hold them by the rim as opposed to by the face. Rubbing the surface of the coin is what reduces the quality of the image and any oils on your fingers may be hard to clean off the coin.

One simple method of keeping coins in the house is placing each one in a small envelope made of acid-free paper. If you want to view the coins without removing them from their packaging, there are also envelopes with plastic windows that allow the coins to be seen.

Owning an accurate scale is a must for any coin collector, states Many vendors or buyers insist on scratching coins to determine their material, but weighing a coin is much more accurate and won't damage your collection or someone else's.