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What is the Largest Coin in the World?

March 7th, 2012 Coins

When you think of coins, you probably imagine a tiny dish that can be fit into your pocket by the dozen. While this is certainly true, mints around the world have been producing pieces that a single person would have a hard time lifting. In some instances, even five people would have a tough time!

According to CoinWeek, in 2008, the Canadian Mint celebrated its centennial by producing what was, at the time, the largest coin in the world. Weighing more than 220 pounds, the piece measures more than 20 inches in diameter. It's also made from some of the most refined, purest gold in the world, making the coin a gorgeous site to behold.

However, the distinction of largest in the world has been passed on. According to The Telegraph, that honor now goes to a piece produced by the Australian Mint to commemorate the opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in October 2011. In fact, it absolutely shattered the record. The coin weighs more than one ton and is worth about $53 million. Made from 99.99 percent pure gold, the coin measures 31 inches in diameter and nearly five inches thick.

It took the Australian Mint about 18 months to produce the piece. On one side, the coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth, while the other depicts a leaping kangaroo, which is one of Australia's iconic indigenous species.

Chances are, you won't get the chance to own either of these coins, but it's still interesting to see what mints are capable of when given the time and drive to create something truly memorable.