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Sunken Treasures: Gems of Atlantis

Gem-matching games are all the rage right now, and at, we have one of the best – Sunken Treasures Gems of Atlantis. Boasting rich textured visuals and sumptuous sounds, this fast-paced game has everything you need to enjoy a thrill-a-minute gameplay experience. You only have three rounds of match-three gem clicking madness to wade through. Do you have what it takes to complete all three crazy levels? 

Get ready for your next underwater adventure in Sunken Treasures Gems of Atlantis. All you have to to play is register for a free account at Dive in now and you might score enough to win a prize!


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July 27th, 2012

Add Color to the States One of the most popular types of colorized coins available today are the Statehood Quarters. Each of the 40 coins issued thus far (there will be 50 by 2008) by the U.S. Mint are available as colorized quarters, guaranteed to brighten up your collection. Each state’s quarter is livened up with bright, permanent colors by companies like Merrick...


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If you've recently decided to start collecting coins, you may be wondering how exactly one goes about building a set. Coin shows are one great way to do so, but they tend to be infrequent, which means you'll want to discover a few other methods that will allow you to keep working on your collection. According to, mail orders are one excellent way to purchase...


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If you're thinking of going into coin collecting, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the history of United States coinage. After all, the more you know, the better prepared you'll be when standing in front of a dealer. As a relatively young country, it may not take you very long to do so. Here's a quick primer on the fundamentals to get started, courtesy of...


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As your coin collection begins to grow, you may wonder if you're giving it the highest level of care. It's particularly important to do so because some pieces may be very difficult or downright impossible to find again, not to mention that they'll lose value as their condition deteriorates. There are a number of different storage methods for coin collections - some are more...


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There are a few reasons to explain the appeal of using your coin collection as an investment, but chief among them is that it's a relatively easy practice to get into. There's no application process and you can begin simply by paying attention to the change in your pocket. While you might not stumble upon an extremely rare piece by doing so, it's a good way to get your feet...


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If you're planning to collect coins produced in the United States, at some point you may find yourself leaning toward one specialization or another. This could be a specific series of pieces - such as Silver Eagle Half-Dollars or St. Gaudens Double Eagles - or it could be a little broader. According to CoinWeek, you might have to decide on a century that you prefer. As it...


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If you've been collecting coins for a little while, you may be wondering if it's worth checking out what auctions have to offer. These events are great opportunities for collectors to find rare pieces that may otherwise be much more difficult to track down. Of course, with the convenience comes what will likely be a higher price tag. You should also keep in mind that you'll...


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As with almost anything that's collected by a wide variety of people, coins tend to go through different phases of popularity. One type of piece may be widely sought after for a few years, only to see a dramatic drop afterwards. It can be difficult to predict where the market will swing, but there are a few coins that always tend to be popular. If you're just starting out with...


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Having a valuable coin is one thing, but in order to get the most out of it when you eventually sell it, you will want to familiarize yourself with the best times to actively seek a buyer. According to CoinWeek, the advent of the internet is beginning to make it difficult to figure out when coin buying "season" takes place, but if you'd like to do business face-to-face, here...


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When you're first starting out on a coin collection, there are a few key decisions you'll need to make. Once you've been interested in the hobby for a while, you may find yourself looking to specialize in one aspect of numismatics or another. One thing to consider is what type of rarity you'll be looking for in your coins. In general, a piece's value is derived either from its...