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Collectible Figurines - Hummel and Lenox Figurines

October 20th, 2011 Collectibles

Antique Hummel Figurines at the Hummel Exchange

Collectors of antique Hummel figurines who are having difficulty find a particular collectible might want to consider the Hummel Exchange. This website features one of the largest online collections of all types of Hummel products including figurines, plates and bells. Collectors can browse online for the figurines they wish to add to their collection.

Collectors can also use the website’s consignment structure to sell their Hummel collectibles. For a one time setup fee and a relatively low monthly fee collectors receive a full size website including the relevant information for the items in their collection, detailed descriptions for each individual item and full size and thumbnail photos for each item in the collection.

Bear Figurines from Big Sky Carvers

Big Sky Carvers focus on producing carvings and sculptures inspired by the outdoors. Their bear collection is especially popular. This collection features the Bearfoots bears which offer an extensive array of bear figurines which are whimsical. These bears are featured doing a variety of activities such as camping, picnicking, playing golf and climbing trees. These figurines are typically small enough to be displayed in a collection with most figurines less than 12” in height.

Collectors interested in larger versions of these whimsical bears may prefer the Woodcarved Bruins collection. This collection features functional pieces such as coffee tables, end tables, mirrors and coat racks. These pieces are significantly larger and provide a greater opportunity to display the personality of the bears used in these carvings.

Club for Collectors of Precious Moments Figurines

Collectors of Precious Moments figurines may consider joining the Precious Moments Collectors Club. Membership in this club puts collectors in connection with others who share their passion. Members enjoy benefits such as the annual club figurine, a subscription to the Precious Moments quarterly magazine, discounts at the Precious Moments Chapel and Park and access to the members’ only section of the website.

Applying for membership is a relatively simple process which involves paying an annual fee and providing basic information such as name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth. Prospective members may join by calling a toll free number, filling out a form online or filling out a form at a participating Precious Moments retailer. Once a member applies, they can expect to receive their membership kit within 14 days of when the order is processed.

Collectible Cat Figurines from Lenox

Collectible cat figurines figure rather prominently into the Lenox collection. There is a wide assortment of cat figurines available for purchase which vary in both style and price range. Some of these figurines are incredibly realistic while others are whimsical in nature. Additionally, some of the cat figurines are created free standing while others are crafted in intricate scenes adding even more personality to the cat’s appearance.

The collectible cat figurines available from Lenox also feature cats which are appropriate for different holidays. Cat figurines appropriate for Christmas, Easter and Halloween are particular popular in this collection. They also offer cat figurines representing the different seasons.

Some of the items in Lenox’s collection of cat figurines can even be personalized. This includes figurines which include a birthstone or a name. The ability to personalize these collectibles makes them ideal for gift giving occasions. Giving a gift emblazoned with the name of a beloved pet or the birthstone of the recipient shows a great deal of effort was put into purchasing the gift.

Determining the Value of Hummel Figurines

Collectors who are interested in determining the value of Hummel figurines have a variety of options available to them. Consulting books dedicated to placing a value on M.I. Hummel products can be used for this purpose. Examples of books which can be used for this purpose include The No. 1 Price Guide to M.I. Hummel Figurines, Plates, Miniatures & More... and Luckey's Hummel Figurines & Plates.

Alternately, collectors may wish to contact American Society of Appraisers for assistance in determining the value of Hummel figurines. This society can put collectors in contact with local appraisers who can provide insight into the value of the Hummel figurines in the collection. As with any collectibles, the value of the items will depend on the rarity of the item as well as the condition of the item.

Examples of Limited Edition Figurines from Lladró

Lladró figurines originated in the 1950s when the three Lladró brothers began producing porcelain figurines which immediately appealed to many in the city of Almacera, Spain. Lladró figurines are all unique because they are created by hand. Even figurines which come from the same mold and were created by the same artist will not be exactly the same because of the manual process involved in the creation. Currently, these figurines are exported to more than 120 countries and appeal to a wide audience around the world.

The limited edition figurines from Lladró include those figurines which are only offered in a limited quantity. Each of these figurines comes with a certificate signed by a member of the Lladró family and including the series number associated with the figurine. Examples of the Limited edition figurines offered by Lladró include:

  • Best Friend; issued in 1994
  • Can I Play; issued in 1990
  • My Buddy; issued in 1989
These figurines were originally issued for less than $200 but are currently valued at a significantly higher price.

Giuseppe Armani Figurines for Weddings

Giuseppe Armani was interested in art from a very young age. However, it wasn’t until 1975 that he was offered the opportunity to work exclusively for Florence Sculture d’Arte. Here the artist spent more than 25 years producing masterpieces which were admired by collectors around the world.

Although Giuseppe Armani passed away in 2006, items from his collection are still incredibly popular at weddings. There are a variety of Giuseppe Armani figurines focusing on weddings. Many couples enjoy the exquisite beauty of these delicate figurines and opt to use these figurines in lieu of a cake topper. Figurines in the wedding collection feature brides and grooms as well as symbolic creatures such as swans and parrots. Couples may also be interested in figurines from the love and romance collection or the anniversaries collection as these collections also focus on the sentiment of love.

Star Wars Collectible Action Figures

Collectors interested in Star Wars collectible action figures have a variety of options available to them. New action figures can be purchased directly through Hasbro. Here collectors can find 60 figures including popular characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Mace Windu, Stormtroopers, Rebel Honor Guards and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Collectors interested in vintage action figures may prefer to shop online auctions and trade shows for action figures offered at an earlier time. These action figures may be valuable if they are rare and in excellent condition. Other action figures may not be worth much monetarily but may be valuable to collectors who are simply looking to complete a personal collection used for display purposes.

The Collection of Lenox Disney Figurines

Lenox may be well known for their china, crystal and flatware as well as decorative items for the home but they also offer collectibles which appeal to many. One of these very popular collections is the series of Lenox Disney figurines. Mickey Mouse is obviously featured prominently in this collection in an array of different poses, costumes and characters. However, Mickey Mouse’s friends also pepper this collection with Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy figurines also available.

Lenox Disney figurines also pay homage to popular movies released by Disney. Figurines are available which feature the characters from popular movies such as Bambi, Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella, Dumbo, Finding Nemo, Lady and the Tramp, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Toy Story. Although this collection may appeal to children the figurines in the Lenox Disney collection are crafted to the high standards of all other Lenox products.

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Figurines

Thomas Kinkade is a devout Christian artist who strives to use his art to convey inspirational messages. He is considered to be one of America’s most popular living artists with many fans eager to purchase collector’s items from this artist.

Collectors who enjoy the work of Thomas Kinkade may wish to purchase Christmas figurines available from this artist. The Christmas collection offers a wide variety of figurines including houses, trees, wreathes, Santas, Nativity scenes and snowmen. Each of these figurines reflects the inspiring message of the Painter of Light. The figurines offered in the Christmas collection are all hand painted and inspired by the work of Thomas Kinkade to be both realistic and inspiring.

Types of Lenox Collectibles

Lenox collectibles encompass a wide range of items. These items are divided into themes such as animals, movie characters, Disney, lighthouses and villages, multicultural, garden, inspirational and romance and fashion. Within each of these themes, collectors may find Lenox collectibles in the form of figurines, ornaments, snow globes, jewelry, plaques, crosses and picture frames.

Collectors may choose to focus on a theme or a type of collectible in creating a Lenox collection. Collections based on a particular theme may feature a wide variety of items including a combination of figurines, ornaments, snow globes, jewelry, plaques, crosses and picture frames which share a similar theme. For example they may build their collection around the Disney theme and purchase a variety of Disney items available from Lenox. Similarly, collectors may wish to focus their collection on a particular type of collectible. In this type of collection, there may be ornaments from Lenox which fall into a variety of different themes.

Types of Red Rose Tea Figurines

Red Rose Tea figurines are offered as a premium with the purchase of Red Rose Tea brands. These figurines were originally created by the George Wade Pottery of Burslem, England. Wade began producing bottles and pottery items in a small shop in 1810 but eventually also began producing beautiful figurines. Known as Wade Whimsies, the collection features cats, birds, sea life, snow animals, pets, wildlife, farm animals, dinosaurs, nursery rhyme figures, circus figures, miniature houses, leprechauns, monks and dogs.

Collectors of Red Rose Tea Figurines may enjoy figurines offered in the nursery rhyme collection include favorites such as Red Riding Hood, Jack and Jill, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Mother Goose, Little Miss Muffet, Little Bo Peep and Humpty Dumpty. Other collectors may prefer figurines from the endangered species series such as sturgeon, manatees, polar bears and humpback whales. The circus collection is also popular with options such as a seal, an elephant and even a strongman.