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Collecting Comic Books Can Be a Great Adventure

December 22nd, 2011 Collectibles

The period from the late 1930s into the next decade is widely regarded as the Golden Age of Comic Books, when many of the superheroes that we know today - Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, to name a few - were created, and when the form became much more widely accepted in the mainstream. Of course, many of these early appearances by our favorite characters have increased dramatically in value. If you've always been a fan of multi-paneled adventures, collecting old comic books may be right up your alley!

You have a few ways of approaching this hobby - if there's a specific character that you've taken a liking to, you could try to put together a complete collection of every comic he or she has appeared in. This will surely keep you busy for a quite a while, especially when you factor in any cameos that character may have made in other series. However, it can also be immensely rewarding, as you can trace his or her story from the origin all the way through the most recent developments.

If you're willing to cast a wider net, you could simply collect comics from a particular period of time or focus on a specific company, such as Marvel or DC. You'll develop an understanding of how the art form evolved throughout the years and may find yourself with a new appreciation of all that goes into creating these works.

You can find large lots of comic books on a number of websites, or you could conduct your search the old fashioned way by visiting any yard sales you happen to find. Who knows? You may stumble upon a buried treasure!