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Cool Things to Do With Your Used Corks

August 22nd, 2012 Collectibles

If you're a wine drinker, you might want to start collecting your corks instead of just throwing them out. You can make a lot of practical and decorative items with these knicknacks, all of which are super cheap and easy to coordinate.

Domestic cork use

Corks have many practical uses in your home, both inside and out. To save your floors from getting scratched, slice off a piece of cork and place it underneath the legs of your furniture. This method also works on the inside of cabinets that have a tendency to slam shut. Just use a thinner piece of cork so they still close all the way. You can even use corks as mulch in your garden. Just grind them up in a food processor and spread them on top of the soil.

Decorative wine flair

If you're hosting a dinner party and longing to jazz up your table settings, try making a number of place card holders for the occasion. Just slice a cork in half and cut into the top of it so the card can easily be placed inside. Also, remember to cut the cork deep enough so the card doesn't fall out and make sure to showcase the design or lettering on the stopper as well.

Create a corkboard

A corkboard is easy to create and will likely look fantastic hanging in your kitchen. First, start by fashioning a wooden frame for the backing (if you're strapped for time, buy a premade one instead). Next, glue the corks on in a pattern that suits your fancy. You can use different kinds of corks for an eclectic feel or use the same type for a more uniform look. You can also take advantage of this method in order to make holders for hot plates - all you need is a smaller frame.

Crafty with corks

You can also use your cork collection to engage in fun crafts with your little ones. A great idea from Artists Helping Children that's simple and easy to make is a cork necklace. All you have to do is cut each cork in half lengthwise using a knife dipped in grease. Next, use two threaded needles and pass them through each end of the side of the cork. You may have to apply some pressure, but eventually the needles will push through. Add a decorative and seasonal flair with glitter or paint to color and bedazzle your corks – remember, this is where your creativity can really be put to use!

Another easy and crafty idea from HGTV is to create cool key chains. After you and the little ones have decorated a bunch of corks to your liking, stick a small circular hook into the tops. Next, loop a key ring attachment into the hook, which can be bought online in bulk. These also make great party favors, especially if you're hosting a wine tasting party.

Obtaining corks

If you're not a big wine drinker but still want to use corks for crafts and other great domestic purposes, don't forget that you can buy them online at wholesale prices. You can also ask wine enthusiast friends to save their corks or head to your local restaurant or bistro and let them know you won't mind taking extra ones laying around off their hands.

Who would have thought enjoying that fine vintage would have so many benefits? Cheers to creativity!