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Crystal Collectibles - Antique Crystal Lamps & Figurines

November 10th, 2011 Collectibles

Bidding on Antique Crystal Lamps on eBay

eBay can be an excellent resource for collectors who are looking to purchase antique crystal lamps. These collectors may find a variety of authentic antique crystal lamps which may be otherwise difficult to find. However, there may also be lamps that are either intentionally or unintentionally misrepresented as being antiques from a particular time period. Fortunately, there are some tips which will help prevent buyers from purchasing non-authentic antique lamps.

Ample research is one of the best tools a buyer can use when purchasing antiques on eBay. Buyers should be knowledgeable about the item they are seeking and should know how to recognize authentic lamps as opposed to those that are merely replicas of antiques. The buyer should carefully review all provided information and photos with respect to the previously completed research to determine whether or not the item is legitimate. Buyers should ask questions or ask to see additional photos if they are unsure about the authenticity of a particular item.

Finally, buyers should pay careful attention to the seller’s feedback. In general, sellers who have a great deal of positive feedback are more reliable than sellers who have mostly negative feedback. Sellers who are lacking feedback may still be reputable but there is more risk involved in purchasing an item from these sellers than from sellers with a well established reputation.

Buying Antique Crystal Jewelry

When buying antique crystal jewelry it is important to only purchase jewelry from a reputable seller and to carefully examine each piece before making a purchase. It is also advisable to research the pieces you are interested in before making a purchase to ensure you are knowledgeable about the type of jewelry you are considering. This makes you less likely to purchase a piece that is not authentic. Collectors who are knowledgeable about the jewelry styles of a particular period are less likely to invest in pieces that are not likely actual antiques.

Price should also be carefully considered when purchasing antique crystal jewelry. In most cases, these older pieces will not depreciate with age. However, failure to maintain the jewelry in excellent condition may greatly diminish the value of the piece. Therefore, it is important to consider age as well as condition when determining whether or not a piece of antique jewelry is worth the suggested price. Additionally, buyers who intend to purchase antique jewelry at an auction should review the item carefully and establish a spending limit to ensure they are not overpaying for an item.

Caring For Antique Crystal Chandeliers

Antique crystal chandeliers can add a great deal of style to a room. However, it is important to care for these pieces carefully to ensure they maintain their glorious appearance. Unlike other antique crystal items such as glassware, it is not usually possible to store the chandeliers in a dust free environment. This is especially true if the chandeliers are used as functional lighting. Therefore, regular cleanings are necessary to keep antique crystal chandeliers looking their best.

The use of warm soapy water and cleansers designed specifically for cleaning antique crystal is ideal for the cleaning process. Mild dish or laundry soap may also be used for cleaning as well. Owners are advised to test all cleansers in a discrete location on the chandelier before using the cleanser on the entire chandelier. If the crystal pieces of the chandelier are removable, it is best to remove them for the cleaning process. It is also advisable to line the sink in which the antique crystal will be washed with soft cloths and to cover the faucet with a rubber cover to avoid accidental chips which may occur during the cleaning process. After cleaning the crystal, pieces should be allowed to air dry as opposed to using a cloth to dry them.

Finally, the location for antique crystal chandeliers should be considered carefully. Direct sunlight and humidity can both cause damage to any glued components of the crystal pieces. Therefore, care should be taken to select a location where these conditions can be avoided.

Collecting Crystal Figurines

There are a wide variety of crystal figurines available for purchase. Figurines produced in limited quantities are often considered to be the most valuable in terms of monetary gain, but collectors may opt to collect these figurines for a variety of different reasons. Crystal figurines may include animals, people, religious symbols or any other object. Basically, a collector may start and maintain a collection of crystal figurines according to his personal preference. These figurines may all fall into a specific category or may be an eclectic mix depending on the collector’s purpose for starting the collection.

Collectors who are maintaining a collection of crystal figurines for monetary gain would be wise to carefully select the items in their collection based on factors such as the quantity produced as well as the quality of the crystal. However, collections established for purposes such as creating a private display may be based on other factors such as size or appearance.

Purchasing a Crystal Christmas Tree

Anyone looking to purchase a crystal Christmas tree should consider a number of factors before making a purchase. Some of these important factors include appearance, price, limited available and manufacturer. Appearance and price are of particular interest to collectors who are making a purchase for a private collection. However, collectors who are interested in trading or reselling their crystal Christmas tree should also carefully consider the availability of the item as well as the manufacturer. This is because these two factors along with the condition of the item can greatly impact the resale value of the item.

Software For a Crystal Collector

A crystal collector with any size collection may become overwhelmed by their inventory. Fortunately, there is software available that can greatly simplify the process of managing the inventory in a crystal collection. Software packages enable the user to maintain an accurate inventory, manage items available for auction and create wish lists. Items may also be sorted according to different criteria such as name, price, category or year issued. These software capabilities are worthwhile for both novice collectors who are simply interested in expanding and managing their collection as well as collectors who use their collection for financial gain.

Storing Antique Crystal Glassware

Antique crystal glassware is not only ideal for use during sophisticated gatherings but can also be excellent as display pieces. However, when storing these pieces, care should be taken to store the glassware in a proper environment. The best environment for displaying antique crystal glassware is a dust free display case. This type of case enables the glassware to be visible to guests but also prevents dust from covering the glassware. This is significant because dust can leave behind fine particles which may scratch the glassware resulting in a flawed appearance.

It is also important to consider storing antique crystal glassware in a low humidity environment that is not exposed to direct sunlight. This is important because both humidity and sunlight can result failure in glued portions of the glassware. Also, depending on the additives in the glassware, exposure to sunlight may also result in color changes in the glassware. Specifically, the addition of magnesium dioxide may result in the crystal glassware turning purple in direct sunlight.

Understanding Antique Lead Crystal

Antique lead crystal is a term applied to a variety of different collectibles including glassware, chandeliers and figurines. However, not all collectors fully understand what is meant by the term lead crystal. This term applies to crystal, which contains at least 24 percent lead oxide. The inclusion of this lead oxide results in added weight and brilliance to the crystal.

An item is considered to be an antique when it is proven to be more than 100 years old. Rarity, condition and other unusual features will also contribute to the value of an antique item but, in general, age alone is enough to qualify an item as an antique. For this reason, it is important to remember that an antique in excellent shape and also extremely rare is likely to be significantly more valuable than an antique in poor shape and readily available.

Using Antique Crystal Glasses

Antique crystal glasses do not have to be merely for display. These exquisite pieces can actually be used as functional glassware but care should be taken to only use these glasses in appropriate situations and to care for the glasses properly after usage. Antique crystal glasses may be stored in a dust free environment when not in use but may make a lovely addition to a dinner table on a special occasion. Additionally, these glasses should only be used with guests who are likely to be careful to avoid breaking the glasses. Breakages may still occur but this risk is minimized when the glasses are only used in situations which are appropriate for the use if antique crystal. For example, a sophisticated dinner party may be ideal for using these glasses while the birthday party for a young child may not be the right situation for using fine glassware.

When using antique crystal glasses it is important to note the beverages served in the glasses can impact the glasses. Acidic liquids such as juice, wine and vinegar can result in the lead in the crystals being leached out so it is important to not allow these liquids to sit in the glasses for long periods of time. You may still serve wine in the glasses but should rinse them immediately after using them.

Waterford Crystal Collectibles for Men

Waterford crystal collectibles may be popular gifts for weddings and anniversaries, but there are also crystal pieces that are appropriate gift ideas for Father’s Day or a man’s birthday. Limited edition Waterford crystal football helmets emblazoned with the logo of the Super Bowl champions are great gifts for men. These items typically stand three inches tall and have the logo of the championship team on one side and the Super Bowl logo on the opposite side. They are also typically limited and the number of pieces produced is usually equal to the year. For example there were only 2006 helmets made commemorating the 2006 Super Bowl champions while there were 2007 helmets made commemorating the 2007 Super Bowl champions.

Why Antique Crystal Door Knobs Turn Purple

Although it is not uncommon to find purple antique crystal door knobs for sale, collectors may be surprised to learn these door knobs most likely started out clear. This can make it difficult for collectors who are looking to add several of these distinctive looking door knobs to their home. Finding exact matches is not always possible.

Antique crystal door knobs that had magnesium dioxide added to the glass and were exposed to sunlight often turned purple. Magnesium dioxide was used as an additive in crystal door knobs until approximately the World War I era. Therefore, collectors who have difficulty finding purple antique crystal door knobs may consider purchasing clear ones created before World War I and exposing the door knobs to direct sunlight in an attempt to create a purple hue.