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How To Start Collecting Antique Books

April 12th, 2012 Collectibles

Are you a lover of books? There's definitely a certain appeal to bringing home a new volume. Perhaps you enjoy the look of antiques as well! If so, why not combine your passions? Collecting antique books is a great way to fill your home with classic works that boast an elegant design. If this is a hobby you could be interested in pursuing, here are some tips on getting started.

There are plenty of materials out there that you can refer to when collecting antique books - they're a great way to determine the value of a work. It may be a good idea to get your hands on a few different ones, just so you can cross-reference. When starting out, you may as well pick up whatever volumes look interesting to you - you can focus on a specific era or publisher later on.

Where do you find these books? One great way to give yourself a head start is keeping an eye out for any garage sales that may be coming up. You never know what you might find! You'll almost always find books on sale, and you may stumble into a valuable book.

Flea markets are another good idea. You can also head online and see what's available on various sites. The internet is also a great way to connect with fellow enthusiasts who can help you explore your new interest in ways you may not have previously thought of.

There are plenty of beautiful antique books out there, so you should have no problem finding a few to get a start with.