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Snow Globe Collections

December 22nd, 2011 Collectibles

It's possible to collect nearly anything, but you may have noticed that snow globes are one of the most popular items. Here's a little of the history behind these creative pieces and tips for starting your own collection, according to

Snow globes first appeared in France in the late 1800s, possibly as a spin-off of the glass paperweight, which was popular a few years beforehand. They first appeared at the Paris Universal Expo in 1878, and by 1879, multiple companies were manufacturing and selling them.

In 1889, a snow globe that featured the Eiffel Tower was made for the International Exhibition in Paris and it became a popular souvenir for tourists. The idea spread throughout Europe and all kinds of things were placed inside the globes, including flowers, religious icons, clocks, dolls and medals.

The snow globe concept became popular in the United States in the 1920s. They were produced for local towns and were also used in several advertising campaigns. Religious-themed snow globes were popular gifts for Catholic children. In the 1950s, the invention of plastic revolutionized snow globes, but the change in material made them seem tackier to a lot of people.

In the 1970s, American gift companies made upscale snow globes featuring highly intricate details, which have remained the basis for today's snow globes.

Starting your own collection is easy, especially since many companies have their own collections and add new designs all the time. Many tourist locations sell them as souvenirs, so collecting one from each place you visit is a good way to remember where you went. Just make sure to display your snow globes in a prominent place with plenty of good lighting so you and your guest can enjoy the fine artistry and detail involved in each miniature scene!