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Star Wars Collectibles

November 3rd, 2011 Collectibles

With six whole movies to base a collection off of, it's no wonder so many fans of the Star Wars films show their love for the series by getting their hands on toys, figurines and all kinds of other related paraphernalia. Whether you're a Star Wars fan or just know someone who is, there are plenty of ways you can stock up on the items necessary to turn any space into a personal Star Wars heaven.

The obvious place to start would be with the movies themselves. There are many collections out there of the tapes, DVDs and Blu-rays. Depending on how you watch your movies, you may only need one - or you could collect them all. After the films are secured, you'll be able to watch them again and again whenever the mood strikes. You could even invite your friends over for a Star Wars marathon.

Decorate your space with framed movie posters and other pictures that are related to George Lucas' masterpieces. Look for images of your favorite characters, scenes or spaceships to make your collection as personal as possible. You may even want to collect Star Wars action figures, even if they're just going on display. It might look nice to install a shelf along the upper portion of the room, then place the figures on it, in their boxes or not.

Other items are plentiful, including Star Wars comic books, glassware, clothing, models, books, soundtracks, toys and almost anything you can imagine. The breadth of your collection is up to you. Who knows, you may even want to get a few Star Wars Halloween costumes just in case you have a costume party this year. You could even wear it to an official Star Wars fan gathering!