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Breakfast Ideas for Dinner

December 17th, 2012 Cooking

Breakfast is an ideal meal for family and friends to come together and enjoy great food and great company. Unfortunately, mornings can be hectic and you may not have the chance to gather everyone at the table at such an early hour. You can still bring the deliciousness of breakfast along with its social and community-oriented feel by turning the first meal of the day into the last with a breakfast dinner, or brinner, as it is often referred to.

What to eat

You can rip a page right out of the breakfast playbook by preparing the quintessential early-morning foods like pancakes, eggs and hash browns. Another good idea is to use your culinary prowess to add some pizazz to the normal morning-time meal and combine it with a dinner-esque feel. A great recipe that Cooking Light suggests is Eggs Benedict Florentine with Creamy Butter Sauce. Preparation takes a half hour and the recipe calls for scrambled eggs with some sauteed spinach, which sits on top of an English muffin. Finally, top the creation off with clarified butter, which has a similar taste to hollandaise sauce.


As for drinks, you can stick to freshly squeezed orange juice or coffee (you may want to offer decaf at such a late hour), but you can also mix things up with other blended fruity drinks usually enjoyed in the morning. recommends a fresh pineapple-berry fresco, which requires 2 fresh and peeled pineapples, 4 cups of strawberries, 2 cups of blueberries and some ice. All you need is a blender to whip up a nutritiously divine beverage that those seated at your table will absolutely adore.