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Creative Ideas for Homemade Vegetarian Pizza

May 23rd, 2013 Cooking

For those who do not partake in meat, a slice or a whole pie of pizza can be a handy go-to for lunch or dinner. But you don't have to limit yourself to the vegetarian toppings and styles offered at your local pizzeria. Not only are there loads of off-beat ideas for yummy meatless pizza you can throw together at home, there are even a plethora of dairy- and meat-free homemade pizza ideas.

Vegetarian toppings
Truth be told, many staple pizza topping are already vegetarian. Mushrooms, spinach, pineapples, olives and onions are just a handful of examples. But a glance at tells us that these staples are only scratching the surface of possible veggie-friendly pizza toppings. Their potato pizza concept calls for roasted potatoes, gruyere cheese and leeks. Brie cheese is suggested in a few recipes, as is pesto. For those feeling especially adventurous, the site also points to orange slices and sweet sauce, as well as roasted apple slices, as potential pizza toppings.

Meat- and dairy-less pizza
Many pizza dough recipes are simple and don't require milk or eggs, so putting together a dairy-free crust should be simple for many people. It's cheese - one of the most ubiquitous pizza ingredients - that makes pizza off-limits for those who avoid all animal-related products. But, as any regular pizza-eater can tell you, cheese does not make or break a pizza.

A quick scan of shows that there are numerous options for cheese-less pizza. Some recipes call for cheese-replacement products, while some do not. The vegan Margherita, marinara, and smoked tofu and mushroom pizzas are all examples of the dairy-free pies. Catherine Dorrell of the Messy Vegetarian Cook provides some more general advice. She explains that putting more than three toppings on any pizza is usually overdoing it. In addition, the vegetarian cooking blogger recommends zucchini or corn and pepper as unexpected but potentially delicious pizza toppings.