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How to Make a Protein Shake

September 26th, 2013 Cooking

For anyone with an active lifestyle who takes fitness seriously, protein shakes can be an easy and convenient way to get yourself the proper nutrition to stay in good shape. Protein gives your muscles what they need to recover and grow, and when working out, many experts believe it's best to get that protein to your body as quickly as possible. A shake allows for this because you can bring it with you to the gym and drink it as soon as you're done, or in some cases, while you're still exercising. Even for casual gym-goers and weekend warriors, protein shakes can provide a boost for muscle recovery - but you should avoid too much supplementation if you aren't looking to gain muscle. 

There are two major approaches to a protein shake, and most people are split in their preferences. Many choose to use whey protein powder, which they can put in a bottle and then bring to the gym. As such, whenever is convenient, they can add the water there and drink it immediately. This is a more common choice for those looking to add bulk and muscle. However, protein powder is not necessarily needed to make an effective protein shake. You can use the natural protein occurring in foods instead. 

For an easy recipe, use a cup of milk, one to two bananas, and four to five strawberries. Simply put everything in a blender and gradually move to a high enough speed to dissolve the fruits into liquid, and enjoy! If you so desire, you can easily mix in protein powder to supplement this recipe. 

The fruits may vary, but bananas are especially recommended due to their high protein content yet natural sweetness that keep your shake tasting great. Peaches, blueberries, mangos and pineapples can all be used as well. Don't be afraid to experiment with different foods to switch things up. Try blending in other foods naturally high in protein, such as coconut milk, greek yogurt, or even peanut butter. Whatever you enjoy is perfectly acceptable, just make sure you check your nutrition facts to ensure you're still getting enough protein when you start mixing and matching.