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How to Make Waffles

March 22nd, 2013 Cooking

For a very special breakfast - perhaps to deliver a loved one breakfast in bed - waffles are an ideal choice of main course for the many fans of rich, fluffy dough-based treats. There are a few different strategies for making waffles - which Time Magazine reports were first created in ancient Greece - but here are some general guidelines.

The basics
Most people will find it best to create the signature nooks and crannies of waffles using one of these trusty gadgets. There are plenty of brands of store-bought waffle mixes, each with unique instructions for batter preparation. But if you'd prefer to keep your waffles as homemade as possible, there are innumerable recipes for waffles from scratch.

Quick tips for homemade waffle batter
If you already make pancakes from scratch, you should have most of the necessary ingredients for waffles around the house - flour, baking powder, salt, eggs, milk and butter. Some recipes call for confectioners' sugar, others instruct cooks to use regular sugar. Buttermilk is also included in some waffle recipes. Whichever recipe you pick, make sure to follow its advice as closely as possible.

Cooking waffles to perfection
Before you get started cooking waffles on an iron, strongly advises readers to familiarize themselves with the instructions provided by the waffle iron's manufacturer. Cooking spray is necessary for older waffle irons, but not some newer models. After you've mixed your batter, pour it evenly into the iron, covering the entire heating surface without letting too much batter leak over the sides. Different waffle irons will cook more quickly than others, so once again, read your instructions. If your first try results in overcooked, underdone waffles or bits and waffle sticking to the top half of your waffle iron, take it as a lesson you can apply to your next attempt at waffle creation.