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Interesting Things Covered in Chocolate

November 15th, 2013 Cooking

For chocolate lovers, there are plenty of options beyond conventional dessert fare. Chocolate is a far more versatile substance than many people realize. Let's say, every once in a while, you'd like to add a bit of extra sweetness to a midday snack, or even a meal. Here are some ideas for foods that can blend with and enhance the presence of chocolate in your life.

Some of these are already well-known meldings of chocolate and fruit. For example, frozen chocolate-covered bananas were made a favorite pop culture reference by the Original Frozen Banana Stand on the legendary sitcom "Arrested Development." The Bluth family's frozen bananas were seemingly chilled, placed on a stick for easier handling and dipped in melted chocolate and nuts before being served to customers. It wouldn't be too difficult to replicate this recipe at home for a frosty summertime treat.

Meanwhile, strawberries served with melted chocolate - frozen or warm - have been known to add to romantic ambiance to any couple's evening. The same can't quite be said for pieces of pineapple coated in chocolate, but both ideas result in equally scrumptious mixtures of sweetness and tang. There are many different strategies for creating chocolate strawberries and chocolate pineapples. Some recipes call for using freeze-dried fruit and popsicle sticks to make candy, others suggest using white chocolate instead of milk or dark, another from tells the reader to add pistachios to an elegant dessert of pineapple and dark chocolate. Meanwhile, the Food Network published instructions for a treat not too far from Bluth bananas - the Chocolate-Strawberry Waffle Ball on a Stick.

Those feeling adventurous may want to seek out a recipe that calls for blending chocolate and avocado. Some experts advise making avocado candy, while What's Cooking America provides a set of instructions for tasty sounding avocado-chocolate truffles, but note that baking these requires unsweetened cocoa instead of melted chocolate. 

Virtually any snack food - with or without a little extra salt - compliments chocolate with ease. Chocolate-covered pretzels are a favorite among snacking enthusiasts worldwide and have found popularity dipped in either dark and white chocolate. Graham crackers are another good example of a common companion to chocolate. Let us never forget - putting small bars of chocolate and a toasted marshmallow between two graham crackers results in one of the greatest snacks known to humankind - the s'more.

Other popular snack foods aren't necessarily melded with chocolate as often, but that doesn't mean they make a less mouth-watering snack. For example, recommends combining popcorn, marshmallows and chocolate for a treat that sounds tailor-made to munch on while taking in a movie. Furthermore, some gourmet outlets sell bags of chocolate-covered popcorn. The same can be said for potato chips.

Bet you didn't expect bacon....
When all's said and done, you can melt chocolate and pour it on just about anything - but that doesn't make it a good idea. However, some out-of-left field foods combine with chocolate almost shockingly well. For one example, versions of chocolate covered bacon are actually served at some high-end restaurants and specialty snack retailers. However, the website YumSugar makes it seem easy to make chocolate-covered bacon at home. The secret appears to be baking the bacon - instead of frying it as one normally would for breakfast - then dipping the strips in melted chocolate and serving the uncanny treat cold.