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Panini Recipes with Bologna

October 9th, 2013 Cooking

When was the last time you could get excited about a bologna sandwich? If you're tired of eating bologna in the same traditional way - in between two slices of bread with some mayonnaise - there's no better time to change it up than now. Here are two panini recipes that use bologna and bring out its true flavor. 

Bologna and pepper jack cheese This recipe, which comes from the Home Life Ideas blog, only requires Italian bread, butter, bologna, a couple of slices of pepper jack cheese and mustard. You can opt for honey mustard or Dijon depending on your preference. Simply spread the mustard onto the bread to your liking, then layer on the slices of bologna and cheese in between. Lightly spread a bit of butter on the exterior of the bread to create more flavor and browning once the sandwich is placed onto the panini press or grill.

Once your grill or press is hot, place the sandwich onto it for between five to 10 minutes, or until the cheese starts to melt.

Double-decker bologna panini This recipe from is an easy, filling one that can rekindle your love for bologna all over again. You'll need a couple of slices of bologna, American cheese, mayonnaise, butter and three slices of bread - any type will work. Apply the mayonnaise liberally to your bread, then stack the bologna and cheese in between the three slices. Butter the exterior of the panini before placing it onto your grill or press. You can also cook the panini in a skillet if you have one at home. Once it begins to brown and marks have formed on the bread, remove it from the heat and eat!