The Most Over-The-Top Foods In The U.S. |

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The Most Over-The-Top Foods In The U.S.

December 7th, 2013 Cooking

America is known for many things, and one of them is the crazy, over-the-top food you can find throughout the 50 states. While people these days are starting to get more concerned about their diets and are trying to eat healthier meals, every now and then you just need to go wild and try something truly wacky. As long as you don't eat like this all year long, there's no harm in trying some unique - albeit high-fat - dishes every now and then. 

Bacon-wrapped meatloaf - Health magazine reported on this dish from Alabama that's sure to please the meat lovers in your life. The news source spoke to chef Kevin Layton of Greer's Market in Mobile, who said that people ask for this meal on a regular basis. 

Luther burger - According to Health, the origins of this burger are unknown, but many people believe that it comes from Georgia. A Luther burger is a regular cheeseburger, but what makes it extreme is that instead of on a bun, it's placed between two delicious glazed donuts. 

Jack-n-Grill's burrito - WebMD explained that this burrito, found in Colorado, consists of eggs, ham, green chilies, potatoes, cheese and onions and packs the punch of an estimated 3,764 calories. If you're a woman who's able to eat a lot, you may want to try tackling this meal, because if you do, Jack-n-Grill's will give you free meals for life. 

Fat Darrell - Health explained that in 1997, Darrell Butler, then a sophomore at Rutgers University in New Jersey, decided he wanted to put all of his favorite foods into one sandwich, which is how the Fat Darrell was born. This sandwich contains chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, marinara sauce and french fries. 

Deep- fried portobello mushroom burger - This is one of the most popular menu items at Shake Shack in New York, and it's certainly a shock to the system. This burger contains a deep- fried portobello mushroom that's stuffed with cheese and placed between two cheeseburgers on a bun.

Vermonster - Ben and Jerry's crafted this intense ice cream treat. A Vermonster is 20 scoops of ice cream, hot fudge, banana, cookies, brownies and whatever other toppings you want, all put into one bucket for you to enjoy. 

Crab Louis salad - Yes, believe or not, a salad made the list of the most extreme foods. If you travel to Washington State, you can find this salad, which is quite large and contains salad greens, tomato, hard-boiled egg, celery and crab meat. What makes it over-the-top is the very fattening and delicious mayonnaise-based dressing that's smothered all over it. 

Fried ice cream sandwich - If you travel to the Florida State Fair, you can find this indulgent sandwich, which consists of a deep-fried ball of ice cream placed on top of a cheeseburger. 

Fried salsa - This snack is served at the Texas State Fair and is exactly what it sounds like - deep-fried balls of salsa. 

Deep-fried butter - You were probably waiting for this one to show up on the list. Deep-fried butter can be found at many different state fairs and is known across the country for being one of the most decadent treats you can try.

Mega Mel Burger - This burger from Texas is made with 1.5 pounds of ground beef, 1 pound of bacon and 1/4 pound of American cheese - along with any other toppings you may desire.