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Learn How To Dunk A Basketball

March 13th, 2015

Even if you're not an avid basketball player, you might have wished you could dunk a basketball at a few points in your life. There's something about flying through the air and reaching 10 feet that people find alluring. Ever since stars like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have lit up the league with highlight reel jams, the dunk has become something of an art form -...


Five Fun Road Trip Games

March 13th, 2015

Road trips may require a bit of planning, but once underway, they're the ultimate bonding experience. However, there may come a certain point during your car ride when the conversation dies down and you're tired of listening to the radio. This means one thing: time for a road trip game. We all know a handful of them, but here's a guide to some fun alternatives to the usual...


4 Smartphone Apps That Do So Much More Than Text

March 13th, 2015

Smartphones have become so common in today's society that it can be easy to forget the incredible computing power just about everybody holds in the palms of their hands. Even "obsolete" models from half a decade ago can still run processing circles around the machines of years past.However, it can sometimes seem that not everybody is using technology for the best...


7 Tips to Optimize Your Google Search

January 28th, 2015

Whether you're a writer, doctor or stay-at-home mom, Google is likely a helpful tool in your life. But did you know that you might be doing it all wrong? Sure you'll garner thousands of results in under 40 seconds flat, but they may not be precisely what you were looking for. Stop wasting your time and start using the search engine to the best of its ability with these...


5 Famous Football Scandals Through the Ages

November 17th, 2014

The dramatics that are associated with wealthy, professional athletes often become bigger than the sports themselves. People who have never watched a game in their lives are enthralled by the twists and turns of highly-publicized arrests and trials. Some of the biggest scandals have revolved around football, the all-American sport that keeps fans on their toes from August to...


5 Computer Tricks from the Pros

September 30th, 2014

Nearly everyone is using a computer, but not everyone is doing so efficiently. The Pew Research Center discovered that 81 percent of Americans use a computer at home, work and other places. Little tricks can help this group of people get more work done so they can spend more time with loved ones, accomplish more at the office and come to be known as tech-savvy. Here are five...


Tips On How To Master Word Search Games

August 29th, 2014

Word search games are comprised of a large rectangular block of letters which, on first glance, seem to be completely random. But you are given a list of words to find hidden within the block of letters, and soon you start to realize upon searching that it isn't random at all. Not only are word search games fun, but they can also help you stay mentally active and...


Can You Really Win At Carnival Games?

August 14th, 2014

Some carnival games are nearly impossible to beat. Often, fairs use tricks to make them extra difficult so the carnival workers can collect as much money from tourists as possible. Games like the ring toss, balloon darts, spill the milk and the duck pond can be rigged to make it nearly impossible for players to win. There are a few techniques that...


How to Play Pinochle

July 28th, 2014

Card games are a great family activity. They are fun and require little planning. All you need is a deck of cards, and you are ready to go. If you're sick of playing the same games all of the time, it is great to mix it up with something new. Try pinochle, a classic game of wit and excitement.Introduction Pinochle is a game for two players, but can be altered to...


How to Play Backgammon

July 23rd, 2014

The most crucial aspects of backgammon are the playing board and checker pieces. One half of the board is both of the players' home boards, while the other side is known as the outer board. For clarity, the board will be set up with the home board on the right side for player one and on the left side for player two. The points on the board are numbered 1-24 starting in the...