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Great Golf Activities to Try

August 9th, 2012 Games

Sometimes you may not have the time to go play a whole round of golf, but you still have the urge to perfect your game and work on lowering that handicap. Fortunately, golf is a sport you can improve upon by engaging in other golf-related activities. Here are a few you might want to try out.

Living room putting green

If the weather conditions are keeping you from hitting the course, set up your own putting green in your living room. A carpet can mimic the short grass on the green, or you can buy a strip of artificial turf. You don't necessarily need a hole to practice your putting - rather, work on your stroke and accuracy by setting up targets. If you have other friends who are also looking to improve their games, invite them over for an indoor tournament.

Driving range

Going to the local driving range is the ideal way to work on your form. Most places have signs that mark the distance you drive, so you can get a good test of the power behind your shots. If possible, find a range that has grass rather than turf, as this will mimic the real conditions of a golf course and you can practice your long distance drives as well as your short putts. Getting new clubs can take some getting used to, so you may want to hit the driving range first when you purchase new equipment.

Tips from the pros

In your off-time, when you're not on the course, read up on new golf trends and get tips from the pros in magazines and on websites like, Golf Digest and Links Magazine. If you have a particular aspect of your game that you want to work on, try finding helpful advice that pertains to it. Carrying a golf magazine in your briefcase or bag is a good idea in case you have a few minutes to spare in your daily routine.