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How to Best the Infamous Claw Game

September 26th, 2013 Games

From the local arcade to the neighborhood diner, the Claw Game has been taking quarters from kids and adults for years. In fact, the Boston Phoenix claims that the popular game could have been invented as early as 1893.  That means this game has been frustrating us for over 100 years. Why is it so tempting, even today? Because you see the prize. It's right in front of you, separated by only a thin pane of fingerprint-stained glass. If you keep coming back to the Claw and getting nothing in return, check out the following tips and you'll be racking in the stuffed animals and baseball caps in no time.

Don't go too big The best prize in the bunch is still there for a reason. It's usually something big and bulky - too big, and too bulky. But then there are the items that are desirable yet tiny, such as jewelry or a watch. Don't go for these items. Or do, but watch your Claw come away empty handed. Go for something generally "claw sized."

Prize position Once you see what you want, you probably won't be able to take your eyes off it. Its practically asking to be scooped up. But, if it's partly wedged beneath another item, or up against the glass in a corner, don't go for it. Look for something completely out in the open for the taking. When the prize is stuck in a corner, the Claw will hit the glass trying to retrieve it. It will start to swing, making it impossible to maintain a tight grip. Position the Claw into the center, wait for it to stop swinging, then go for the easy grab.

Don't get addicted Some prizes weren't meant to be caught, so don't keep torturing yourself and spending all of your quarters. At the very least, go for a different prize other than the one that is alluding you.

These tips can help you start to master the machine, but in the heat of the moment it comes down to going with what's in your gut. If you can truly feel that plush Sponge​Bob in your hands, there's no other option. Just like other games that are a mix of skill and luck, mastering the Claw Game is all about intuition.