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How to Play War

May 23rd, 2013 Games

People with a deck of cards, some time to kill and a desire to start a game without having to go over an intricate set of rules may want to consider playing War. - an online source specializing in card games - notes that War requires no strategy at all. It's simply a matter of luck of the draw.

War is often played by only two players, but as many as four could be involved. While there are several variations of the game, here's a general idea on how to play the simplest adaptation of War. It's easy to play, a game of War, but it could take some time to complete the competition of chance. The game only ends when one player has collected every card in the deck.

Step #1: Deal out every card There's no "draw" deck in War - all cards are distributed equally among the players. That means if you're only playing a two-player game, each participant starts the game with half the deck. Then, each player flips over the top card of his or her deck. The player with the highest value - with a king being the preeminent card, and an ace being the lowest - wins the hand, and places both cards at the bottom of his or her deck. That's how most hands will play out, but sometimes, players draw cards of equal value.

War! Here's where things get interesting. When players' cards match, "War" is declared. When this happens, the website What's for Dinner explains that each player puts two cards face down on the table, then puts a third card face up on top of those two cards. The higher ranking card earns its player all six cards. If the face-up cards match again, the process repeats with two more face-down cards and another face-up card getting stacked on top of the last pile. The winner of this "Double War" would get all 12 cards.