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How To Win The Lottery And Keno Games

February 17th, 2014 Games

The lottery is said to be a game of luck, but when you hear stories about individuals like Richard Lustig - seven-time lottery winner - you may wonder if they know the secret of how to win the lottery. In lotteries and keno games, the odds of victory are certainly stacked against you, but according to Lustig, there are ways of increasing your chances of winning.

Lustig advises lottery players to select their own numbers instead of picking computer-generated "quick pick" options, as these automated number sets offer the worst odds possible.

As Lustig explained to CBS News, "It doesn't matter how you pick your numbers, once you pick your set of numbers, research them to know if it's a good set of numbers and stick with them. There's no magic method to picking your numbers, I get emails every day asking. One number doesn't win the jackpot, a set of numbers does."

Lustig told The Huffington Post that he noticed a pattern in the lottery system upon winning for the fourth time. This discovery led him to his next victory of $842,000, his biggest prize. In Lustig's book "Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery," he outlines a method that lottery players can use to select a set of numbers with stronger odds. However, researching the odds of a number sequence is a difficult, time-consuming process. So if you're looking to become a lottery expert, be aware that it probably will not happen overnight.

How to win keno games
Keno is luck-based game commonly played in casinos. In the Massachusetts State Lottery version of the game, participants select the number of spots they want to play, ranging from one to 12, and the amount of money they wish to wager - $1, $2, $5, $10 or $20. Players choose their numbers from a field of 80, and a computer randomly selects 20 winning numbers from that grid.

If all 12 of your numbers match the computer's numbers, you could win $1,000,000. But don't get too excited - the odds of this happening are one in 478,261,833.14, according to the Massachusetts State Lottery.

The Wizard of Odds advises Keno participants to focus on how many numbers they play rather than which field numbers they select. The site also offers players a "keno calculator" to help determine their odds of winning. Ultimately, Keno is primarily based on luck, but if you feel that you have a winning set of numbers in mind, it could be worth a shot.

It is important for participants of these games to remember to set a reasonable budget for themselves. Even lottery aficionado Richard Lustig would agree. "Don't get lottery fever- don't use your grocery money, or your rent money," he urged CBS News readers. So if you decide to pick up Lustig's book in excitement of learning how to win the lottery, keep in mind that self-control is always key when playing these games of luck.