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Delightful Tropical Plants You Can Grow Indoors

December 21st, 2011 Gardening

Did you know that there are a number of tropical plants that can find a happy home indoors? Not only can they add a nice visual flair to your home, but according to the Smithsonian Gardens, indoor plants can do a lot to improve your quality of life. They naturally circulate air through themselves, which helps keep it clean. If you'd like to bring a bit of tropical flavor into your home, here are a few plants that you may be able to find without much difficulty.

1. Birds of Paradise. Birds of Paradise may be one of the more quintessential species of tropical flower - they're brightly colored and jump out visually. They also grow indoors fairly easily, so you should have few problems incorporating them into your décor. You can find them in a number of different hues, including bright oranges and deep blues, so catering Birds of Paradise to suit your existing interior design may prove to be a fairly simple task.

2. Palms. What's more tropical than a palm tree? Although you might be thinking of tall plants that stretch up toward the sky, certain smaller species of palms can happily be brought into your home. Visit your local nursery and ask them what types of palm trees would work best as indoor plants - chances are they can point you in the right direction.

3. Orchids. Although orchids aren't strictly tropical plants, certain varieties can add that island flair that you might be looking for. Stick with the lush tropical hues like pink and red and you should be all set. Orchids are relatively easy to care for and can easily add a nice dash of color to your home.