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How to Buy Flower Bulbs Online

September 16th, 2011 Gardening

Some varieties of flower bulbs are difficult to find in stores, especially if they're not common in your area. This lack of variety shouldn't stop you from growing the garden of your dreams, so consider buying bulbs online to get more options, but keep in mind that not all websites are legitimate.

Buy bulbs that can flourish in your area. You can't always make miracles happen in the garden, so choose flowers that are capable of growing in the surrounding environment. You can stretch the boundaries a little by controlling the amount of light your plant gets and changing the pH levels of your soil, but only to a limited extent. Ask someone if you're not sure which species grow well in your area.

Buy early in the season. Purchasing your bulbs early can ensure that you get the most variety to choose from, as some may sell out faster than others. Being proactive could also give you access to fresher bulbs that haven't been out of the soil for long, which could improve the quality of your flowers.

Size matters. Smaller bulbs are often less expensive, but they take longer to bloom - sometimes over a year. Buying bigger options can produce results sooner, so take size into consideration as you make your choice.

Find a good website. Websites with plenty of information at your disposal are likely to have more reliable product. If they provide you with a description of exactly what you're getting, you're more likely to get what you expect. Useful information, like how to plant the specific bulb and what circumstances it does well under, will help you ensure that your endeavors produce the flowers you want. Pictures of the expected greenery can act as a guide when you're planning your garden.