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How to Decorate Your Outdoor Space With a Rock Garden

October 21st, 2011 Gardening

Not every yard is ideal for planting neat vegetable gardens and flower beds that will create a relaxing retreat for your household. Instead of thinking there's nothing you can do to spruce up that seemingly useless extra space, you may want to consider creating a rock garden. Here's how to go about turning your problem areas into beautiful creations, according to DIY Network and

Preparation Whichever area you're going to turn into a rock garden should be cleared of all brush, bushes and debris. Since many mountain-growing plants and those that pair well with rocks don't do well in water-bound soil, you want to make sure there is good drainage. You can ensure this by creating a slope. Then, make an edge around the perimeter of the area so mulch or stones don't get washed onto your lawn.

Design Once the area is set up, it's time to start planning the layout of your garden. Consider what kinds of stones and plants you want to incorporate. It's good to include a variety of stones, boulders, pebbles and plants to keep the look dynamic. recommends using alyssum, delosperma, geraniums and verbena, as they all do well in rock gardens, but you should ask your local gardening center for ideas based on your climate. Once you know what you're doing, use a can of spray paint to mark where everything will go.

Execution Install the boulders and rocks by creating footings for them to sit in that will keep them from moving while still looking natural. Plant whichever bushes, shrubs and flowers you picked in a natural flow that looks effortless. Mix up different textures and colors. Once you're done, add mulch on top to discourage weeds and add decoration.