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How to Make Money With a Vegetable Garden

September 16th, 2011 Gardening

You can turn your backyard garden into a money-making venture with an effective sales strategy. Not only will you produce fresh vegetables for your family, but you can make a profit by selling them to your neighbors, local stores and restaurants. Just be sure to grow vegetables that are in demand in your area and maintain high-quality.

Your target customer often depends on where your garden is. If you don't live in a large neighborhood, you may generate more revenue by selling wholesale to a restaurant or store. Get in touch with the managers and ask if they would be interested in buying your product. You should be prepared to bring them samples so they know you have good quality produce.

A farmer's market is another great venue where you can sell your vegetables. Look for popular markets in your area and bring enough vegetables with you to meet demand - you may be surprised by how many vegetables you can sell. Keeping your booth clean and well-maintained is a sure way to attract customers. Provide labels and pricing information for all of your produce and arrange them neatly by color to appeal to your customers' senses.

You could sell your vegetables at a roadside stand as long as you make sure it's legal wherever you live. Find a location that receives high traffic and has room for parking. Set up your produce as nicely as you would at a farmer's market and make plenty of signs. If you advertise well, you may attract more customers than you'd ever think possible.